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FFS, The Fun Pimps! FIX IT!

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  • FFS, The Fun Pimps! FIX IT!

    FFS, The Fun Pimps, fix the bug where the blocks keeps on breaking and collapsing so many things. I've noticed you people have changed the game in places and you lot never fix it. I'm sick and tired or building something that I can't finish because the blocks keep on breaking loose and collapsing part of what I've already built. A number of people have told me they quit with this game because of this and you're going to lose further sales when many people post bad reviews about this and I for one am going to post this. We paid good money for this game to find out it's so broken and you lot never fix it. I wonder if any of you from The Fun Pimps even have the decency to read any of this. Also your submit a ticket to customer support sucks because it diverts me back to the forum. At least other game makers like Rockstar Games and Ubisoft for example allow us to submit a TICKET that NEVER goes to their forums. Buck-up and stop abusing us! If you don't like what I said that I'm FULLY ENTITLED to say where I get a typical ban because none of you have the backbone to except complaints, I don't care because I'm also thinking of quitting on this game along with many others because the game it's broken badly for building and you lot at The Fun Pimps are doing NOTHING to fix it. You're quick enough to cash in with our hard-earnt cash but you're not quick enough to fix what we though we paid for.

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    Hi Orca. There is currently no official support for the game. There is nobody working on fixing bugs or adding new content. The publisher of the console version went out of business and after securing the rights to their intellectual property The Fun Pimps have decided that further work on the game for current gen consoles is not possible.

    The game is now what it is-- both the good and the bad. The Fun Pimps have left the door open to possibly porting a new version to next gen consoles once the PC game is completely finished but they haven't made definite promises about this.

    The only place for support is the forums and it is mostly morale support and not so much technical support. The customer support for TFP is exclusively for the version of the game that TFP is directly working on and that is the PC version. TFP is a PC game development studio. They don't do console games. This is exactly why they turned it all over to Telltale and IronGalaxy. So it really makes sense that if you put a ticket into a PC game support desk for help with a console game that you are going to be redirected to the only place that can help you AKA The Forum.