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[PS4] Freezing When Saving Data

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    [PS4] Freezing When Saving Data

    This is super frustrating as it occurs regularly every few minutes when the game saves data. The game completely freezes and is non-responsive for about 2-3 seconds.

    So far it's been happening on SP Solo, and on local split-screen.

    My PS4 is a Gen 1, but it has decent cooling so the unit is not overheating. The fans aren't even winding up like they do with some other games.

    Basically you have the freeze, and as soon as it stops, the saving data icon appears.

    That is what I've been thinking it is with the constant freezing because it doesn't happen until the little save icon shows up. If they cut the saving down to about every 30 mins, MAYBE the game would be playable, minus the MP problems currently but that's what SP is for.


      Hi SylenThunder,

      The issue with slight lagging or hitching during the game is one the team are aware of and are constantly looking to improve on with each patch.

      In future, please use the format in the guide when reporting issues, thank you.