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How to find each other split screen

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    How to find each other split screen

    Hi me and ny husband have started playing this two player with split screen however over the night of playing we have ended up miles away from each other. How is it that we can find each other again cant seem to see if i can put a location on my map that he can see or vice versa. Any help would be great thanks.
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    Not sure if you can on split screen but if you open the players menu and click the + symbol next to the other players name and get them to do the same you can then click show on map to see them on map,alternatively if you set a way point on map then click on it in the small menu to the left of map then click on the symbol that looks like outlines of people you can set the way point so everyone can see it hope this helps have fun. Also the map is very big when you have zoomed out that is not full Map you have to hold down "a" on xbox and move to see rest of map
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