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We Can Rebuild!!

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    We Can Rebuild!!

    Hi all,

    So I thought I'd start up this thread in both General and Multiplayer, so we can have a stickied post for helping each other out.

    Perhaps you were ill prepared for an attack...

    Perhaps a bug damaged your base...

    Perhaps you accidentally blew something up...

    Perhaps someone joined your game and was nothing but trouble...

    Have no fear, it's ok, we can rebuild!

    This thread is for all those who want to help a fellow player out. Sometimes when something is damaged, it is heart breaking, and even more heart breaking to think of all the work that will be going into rebuilding.

    If you like construction, and want to give a hand rebuilding a lost building etc or if you're one of the unfortunate victims of a destroyed base feel free to use this as a meeting ground to gather the troops and restore your world to it's former glory.

    Thank you,
    Zombie Insurance Corp
    Building Better Bases

    Hello! dark here ;d i would love to help anyone with rebuilding on ps4, just get a hold of me on here or ps4 (same name as here) and we can set up a time asap! i am an expert mole, and a halfway decent architecture ;d. so have no fear, the building squad is here!


      I have quite a bit of building experience I am on PS4. PSN ID is DoucheVader

      - - - Updated - - -

      Originally posted by DarkRoninCrew View Post
      i am an expert mole
      Fancy yourself a tunnel digger eh? I have 9.3km of tunnels under my base LOL



        Hi, I was wondering if on console ps4 player here if fun pimps was ever going to raise the player cap to 8 players at least as the current limit of 4 hurts the game. I have friends that wanna play but we literally can't all be on at one together due to the 4 person limit. WILL it every be raised higher? As pc already has more players allowed.


          Lost Base

          I lost half my Base with all my supplies and hours of work and the suggestion is get everyone to help rebuild. OK good idea until it happens again. Why can't it be reset. I will not attempt to play again if it cannot be fixed and definitely would not recommend.


            We must rebuild a stronger deathstar without a weakness

            What's up ladies and gentlemen xbox1 player here I've lost bases and resources to crashes and dashboard resets as well but do not fret do not let the great crashes and collapses of the past hinder our future for we must come together and ensure the survival of our species with bigger stronger bases to defend from the undead filth that plague us so we will not go quietly into the virtual forsaken realm of crushed survival hopes but instead come together and thrive!!!!! hit me up if you need help rebuilding I would be happy to help remember 'we are stronger together"


              MATTERSCUSTOMS (Xbox Name)

              Willing to help rebuild base as well. just shoot me a message and let me know. also have a mic, so i can take directions.


                Well I play on PS4 and just log on to other people map and build random bases in different areas for them to discover in their adventure.