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    New update wishlist

    I know that everyone wants to have the A15 features that PC has and from what I keep hearing is that we will get aspects of this alphas in the game with patch updates. So question I am asking to all of my console brethren what aspects would you like included in future patch updates.
    I for one would like a few:
    Stackable jars/ bottle of merky water
    Wood to stack up to 5000
    Being able to break down and store forges, workbenches, and cement mixers with wrench
    the chrysanthemum seeds. & Blu water

    I would like the rest of A15 features but I can settle with these few add ons.

    Increased stack sizes. Numéro uno.


      Lootable gore blocks, combine feature in workbench.


        Workbench combining #1


          More Weapons Variations
          More Zombies Variations
          More Consumable Variations

          I would want the trader post feature - not seen it in action on PC though would like the options to have NPCs on the PS4



            PLaying co-op on survival...

            Being able to log in individually and respawn at the same place of your bed roll... not having to have both in at the same time


              I would like to see the ability to craft a pick up truck or a sand rail. Toss a .50 cal machine gun on the back and take a ride into town. Guns blazing. The mini bike is awsome for the 5 min you get to ride it.. but the game loves to take them away from you.. so I refuse to use them.

              Domesticated animals for food and resources.. include a risk for such things. Like increased heat for animals.

              Some sort of spotting scope for long distance recon.
              Helicopter?!? That would be awsome..


                My three (four) wishes

                1. New Zombies models with different abilities or enemies like a zombie shark or eagle would be amazing.

                2. Boats! Please stop the swimming boredom.

                3. Story line, add some depth to the surroundings and meaning to the zombie apocalypse.

                4. Yep got one more here...City danger - packs of mobs to add more danger to cities. Make players think twice when they wander down the street.



                  Workbench combining, lootable gore blocks and traders are at the top of my wishlist


                    So many good things posted. Id have to say drawbridges and lootable gore blocks ( are they in alpha 15?) are my two highest. After that would be mushrooms you can farm.. hmm that one might need to be higher. +5 on the swimming boredom...



                      I want to grow bananas. Such a great source of nutrients.


                        And tasty as well


                          A third person view, as DLC character skins would become useful in solo play.
                          Also boats, at least rafts. I cannot understand your character is able to craft walls of wood and is unable to strap a few tree trunks together with a rope in order to build a crude raft.
                          Thank you for having read this.


                            I want to be able to raise chickens and go fishing.

                            I would not mind also being able to craft flashlights instead of torches. This would mean that you would need to loot smaller batteries and electrical parts. If you have those type of items available it would also open the ability to have more crafting options as far as small light sources. It would be nice to have lamps that actually work instead of just sitting on the end tables.

                            I also think it would be nice if their more way to manipulate water resources and set up irrigation into my bases. If I could just tunnel from the bottom of a large source of water and it actually respond realistically I would be so happy.


                              I would like to see more than 10 player co-op. As making a city or a fort could be quite fun. Kinda like the walking dead.

                              Cars. Having cars would be great as you could carry more people and more supplies. Driving the mini bike is fun and all. But when you don't have a mini bike for every player, it'd be nice to have a four door vehicle that sits 4 players.

                              Customizations. Where you could put scopes and camos on certain weapons.

                              Electric fences. As it's would be nice to have another type of defense against horses of zombies.

                              Automatic turrets. As you would have more fire power than just a few Guns. And if you're playing solo, you'd have some extra firepower to help.

                              Electricity. Where you could have power and not just torches. Power that could run to tv's or lights or even electric fences. Of course you'd have to have a generator that'd run off gas, but it'd still be nice.

                              Manual turrets. It'd be nice to place a turret and use it to mow down hordes of zombies.

                              Horses. You could find them and ride them until you have a car. But if you wanna go into a city and not attract all the Zombs (as a car makes noise) you could ride horses and place supplies in the saddle.

                              Boss zombies. Boss zombies would be nice however fun to put into the game. Every 7 days one boss zombie could drop and you'd have to kill them along with the horde. And maybe even the higher days you survive the more bosses drop. Because what's the fun when you're on day 80+ and have all weapons and concrete walls and can take the hordes down easily.