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Looking for mature players to join my world - Day 12/Navezgane/Scavenger

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    Looking for mature players to join my world - Day 12/Navezgane/Scavenger

    Had the game a few days, still learning myself.

    Loving the rough survival feel, as jagged as the game may be - so is survival in a zombie infested world... right?

    Come build a house, occupy a derelict tumble-down or join me in my humble abode!

    I'm looking for someone to team with, not a PVP opponent.

    If you're in the same boat as me, or interested in what i offer;

    Drop a message below with any details you're comfortable leaving.

    [They were included with purchase of a PS4, and there's not allot of point to Co-op Team Play without communication!]

    Im down to play, I'm on day 27 with a pretty sweet hideout if you want to Join mine as well. My psn is BlazinTurtle


      I'm looking for some friends.. I have my own world on the 10th night, took over an abandoned radio station that was Heavily fortified but apparently that wasn't enough to hold the horde on night 7.. Anyway, I'm pretty familiar with the game, I might have some questions while playing but I know the basics.. I have another friend so it's 2 of us, let me know if we can join you and help out. We have mics my PSN is DaedricHectrix
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        I'm also looking for people to play with. I have played pc for awhile and have good experience and recently got the game for my ps4. I started a game is Been a little over 7 Days Nav. Scavenger. Feel free to msg. k_girl15