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Looking for friends to play with

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    Looking for friends to play with

    Hello I'm looking for people to play with who enjoy the game and are not quitters. I'm 32 years old and while mature still enjoy a good laugh.

    Remember we are playing this game to have fun and survive.

    Im some what newer to this game. Only made it to day 25 mainly due to people hosting not caring about grouping up together so I'd log in way under leveled.

    Im online all the time. I enjoy farming, did it in Ark survival and do it here also. So if you need a guy who enjoys gathering recorces and is a quick learner and calm under pressure then shoot me an invite, I'd be happy to survive day 7 with you.

    My gamer tag is same as my name: r4geasaurus rex

    Add me! GT: jim iahey
    Been looking for people in my age group to game with.