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[12/11] Message from the Team - Patch 13 in Submission!

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    [12/11] Message from the Team - Patch 13 in Submission!

    Hi all!

    Passing on the Patch 13 notes from the team as the Patch is now in Submission with Sony and MS

    The usual bit first of course...

    - NOTES only apply to the fix DIRECTLY ABOVE them, unless otherwise stated
    - You should NOT need to start a new save unless otherwise stated by the team.
    - do NOT post bug reports below. They belong in the CONSOLE BUG REPORT section.
    - keep posts CIVIL and RESPECTFUL when discussing or giving feedback about the patch.
    - please keep the post ON TOPIC. This post is for the discussion of this patch ONLY.
    - I do NOT have further info on future features, updates on MD5, Multiplayer issues and other fixes not mentioned in the notes, when I have those updates they will get their own post.

    Now on to the notes!


    7 Days to Die [Console]
    Release Notes
    Patch 13.0
    PS4 Version 1.18
    XB1 Version

    Patch 13 is just around the corner and you know what that means! A long—but by no means exhaustive—list of the fixes and improvements we’ve got in store for you! Check it out below:

    Bug Fixes and Improvements

    · Fixed an issue that would prevent a smelted material from being usable, even when it was available in the Forge
    · Fixed an issue that would cause the quest to find a trader to require a specific trader to be found; now it will pick the nearest trader and update the target when the player moves closer to another
    · Fixed an issue that would cause the trader’s UI to close when a second player would exit a container in split-screen multiplayer
    · Fixed an issue that would cause the “Cannot Breathe” indicator to vanish when underwater
    · Fixed an issue that would cause stamina to decrease while walking after being teleported from a Trader settlement
    · Fixed an instance of an issue that would occasionally cause blocks to spawn without support and create a mass collapse when broken
    · Fixed an issue that cause interactive objects to be interacted with when an object on top of them was picked up
    · Fixed an issue that allowed medical items to be used on certain inanimate objects (like minibikes)
    · Fixed an issue that caused a destroyed bedroll’s indicator to persist after rejoining the game session
    · Fixed an issue that would cause terrain to deform after a zombie would decay on top of it
    · Fixed an issue that occasionally caused items being repaired to have their level dropped to 1

    · Fixed an issue that was causing distant terrain to render using different shaders than in previous patches
    · Fixed an issue that would cause weather effects to impact hosts and clients with different severities
    · Fixed an issue that caused the underwater effects to disappear when viewed through a Sniper Rifle scope
    · Fixed an issue that would occasionally prevent all but the first letter of long words from being displayed on wooden signs
    · Fixed an issue that allowed the player to shrink a torch in an active toolbelt slot

    · Fixed a crash that would occur when combining certain clothing items on the workbench and equipping them
    · Fixed an issue that would cause the world to regenerate after the console had its language changed

    We hope you’re all excited for Patch 13. Thank you for being the fantastic community you are!


    I'll be back again when the patch goes LIVE!


    Thank you Fun Pimps!


      Glad to see some fixes getting done. Great job too all that have worked on this to make it a better game. Hope we get some new features soon through. Would love to see some new zombies


        Thanks Clare and everyone!

        Im glad to see things getting fixed, personally I've never seen the issues that got fixed this time and no new things are getting added so all in all I'm a bit underwhelmed:/


          I never used the combined items on the workbench yet.


            ahhh was hoping for some new content for Christmas.... oh well Thanks for the bug fixes. :-(


              Booooo so no new content??? Ahh well guess ill skip this patch as well and wait to see if HOPEFULLY you guys drop more content in the next patch sometime in February or March 2018. But thanks anyways.


                Fixed an issue that would cause terrain to deform after a zombie would decay on top of it.

                does this mean the end of of the roads having loads of dips/potholes where zombies have died? if so then yay


                  Woo fix them bugs. Heya Clare can you pass on a message to thank devs for continuously working on the console version for us.

                  P.s. pay clare more blueberry pies

                  P.s.s. i hope devs threw in a christmas present in this patch for us like one new zombie type that would be awesome.


                    Thought this was gonna be patch 16 updates ie cell banks and automated turrets.


                      Thank you very much!


                        Thank you to Clare and the team!


                          Thanks, hopefully some more fixes are soon to come. Keep up the good work.

                          For those that are hoping for more content I personally wouldn't be getting hopes up any time soon. It will most likely be several months or so before any word on more A16 content comes. The next several updates will most likely just be bug fixes and such.


                            So no new zombie or anything?


                              I've been watching these fun pimps for a while now... that being said, I wouldn't be shocked if they threw in a surprise or two. If not, that's cool. But I'd bet on it