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D-shong Tower Quest

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    D-shong Tower Quest

    A you-tube gamer that a lot of us know has made a little thing for doing this game with rules.
    that would be Glock9...
    So, i tried it myself, but changed a few rules to maybe make it more do-able.

    i did like his playthrough of this game with those restrictions,
    but i don't play on Insane.. that would be.. insane..
    Those who can, do.. those who can't... watch.

    a few things,

    changes to xml:
    progression... [cost_multiplier_per_level=] 1.18 changed to 1 (attributes)
    [i also changed each attribute per level to 1, dunno if this is necessary with the above change.. but i know if ya don't change that, you will still pay extra for attributes above 4]

    bag drop changed to .1 from .02... changed to .2
    (<property name="LootDropProb" value="0.02"/> )

    grease monkey from whatever each one is to lvl 25, to speed it up a little..

    vultures are blind (optional)
    (I would sell my soul for rock'n'roll, but no dice for these dudes)
    <!-- Stealth --> <property name="SightRange" value="10"/> (from 70)
    in entityclasses file

    basic game rules:
    start out, do start quests
    go to trader, clear those initial quest(s)
    collect stuff, sell to trader for dukes to use in vendors
    (everything you have collected, everything trader will take)

    gtfo, high-tail it to d-shong
    once inside, the d-shong footprint..
    dishong tower is a block square, this is your boundaries

    difficulty - any
    loot - 2x
    no loot respawn
    BM - every 1, offset 4
    to hopefully be pretty random

    I think that is all...

    survive in D-shong tower until you are able to fly gyro off into the radiated green yonder

    counter to vanilla: there are no mods, apart from editing xml.
    xml edits have been noted.
    if you do not know how to edit xml, that is
    not average user level, hack n slash like i did,
    until you get it.
    [i have left some clues]

    maybe i leave a post here n there how it's going...

    thank you, and a long, daunting night,
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    I just finished playing this, and i found it to be pretty cool..

    Just some quick info of how it turned out...
    I started out by the old west town, and headed to the trader, sold the few things i had collected on the run there,
    then headed over to the Dishong tower..
    From start to finish was 14 days.. (120 min days) Took off from the roof of the tower at 1500 on day 14.
    The random horde night was set pretty well.. had hordes on nights 4, 7, 8, and 11... then also on 14, which i stuck around
    on the map for, and went back to my little horde base that i had set up in the lobby of the tower..
    Finally got a crucible on day 13, started a little mine under the tower for the 150 steel needed,
    Day 14 built the copter, and flew back to the trader to sell off the cash, gold, silver and diamonds that i had collected, (with a small detour to dig up a treasure!) as sort of a denouement.. and finished with 31K dukes.
    I was level 65, and i think my GS was like 67.. Main attributes were 5, 6+1 (from cigar), 3, 1, 10

    oh! btw.. i thought i was screwed near the end there, because i had collected an engine and battery from a car on the way to the trader initially, but i sold them... and had not found a battery yet
    and when i went to wrench on the cars in the parking lot of dishong, the last one handed me a battery..
    i already had 4 engines from various drops..

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