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Land-flattening explosives.

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    Request Land-flattening explosives.

    Is it possible to make a precise explosive device meant for flattening out land? I'm tired of doing it all day during IRL downtime, each time I start a new map.

    Ideally, it would wipe out everything in an Y x Z radius. (6x7, 8x9 etc.) Come in different styles, and leave no stone unturned. So to speak. Bonus points if I can see the explosive radius like a Landclaim Block that detonates in its area after being attacked.

    Failing that, a tool for the job would be grand as well. Especially since I know explosives tend to leave little mounds of debree. I've seen a SDX mod with a Bulldozer that is waiting until the 17. stable release to update itself, but in the meantime anything would be nice. Please and thank you.

    Just import an air prefab.


      What is that and how do I do it?

      And not that I'm opposed to it, but if I could also figure out a way to do it immersively, using resources, that would be ideal. So I have something to do with all my gunpowder or something. (I hate TNT)


        Basically create a prefab that's 25x25 and say, 10 high. Make it entirely out of Air. Make sure Copy air blocks is true in the xml. Then, whenever you need to "stamp" an area flat, import it using whatever the vanilla commands are for it.


          I finally figured out how to do this, and import other prefabs as well. Thanks for guiding me in the right direction.