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    Mod to hide passcode


    Is there any mod that would allow me to show **** instead of 1234 when entering passcodes? I find it a bit complicated to stream the game if i cant mask my passcodes.

    Hi rembomy,

    Look in the Windows.xml file in the XUi folder

    Look for this line
    <textfield name="txtPassword" depth="2" pos="10,-8" width="280" height="32"/>
    and change it to this
    <textfield name="txtPassword" depth="2" pos="10,-8" width="280" height="32" password_field="true"/>



      Does not seem to work for me, edited rootfolder\7 Days To Die\Data\Config\XUi\windows.xml


      Still shows password when I enter it, could it be that on server side something overwrites it or do I need to clear some cache somewhere?

      EDIT: Tested and found that playing in public server this setting has to be applied on server side and will be applied to everyone in that server in this case.

      I think it would be nice if this could be achieved per player on their side by just allowing the masking on client instead of server. Maybe developers can check this?
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        Have you tried setting it to "false"? To me setting it to true means show it. Could be wrong. Hal could elaborate more on that.

        If I recall you just have to put in password first time you join a server. You could join the server before you stream and then it shouldn't show up when you join it when you are ready to stream. Unless something works different when you stream then I have no idea.


          Joining the server is not a problem, but using the shared secure containers, safes, vehicles is as passcode does show up there. I tested that in single player suggested setting actually masks passcode for boxes as i would like, but in multiplayer this has to be added on server side. Sadly this causes server to crash in about 5-10 minutes and I had to remove it.


            Ah gotcha. Yeah that would be a problem. Hope there is a solution soon for you.