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How to interact with vanilla storage through scripts?

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    Discussion How to interact with vanilla storage through scripts?

    So I have a mod I want to create that improves storage in the game via some forms of automation. I either need to interact with vanilla storage through assets from my mod, or create my own storage system. I am having troubles finding out how to do anything with the game's built in storage systems via Unity scripts.

    Actually, I am having some issues finding resources to do more advanced modding. I am a software engineer and have used Unity to make several small games so I know how to do these things outside of 7DTD. I could really use someone or a small group I can go to for tips that have been down this road already.


      "improves storage" is a very broad requirement. But you can access storageprops or methods of lets say (secure) lootboxes, workstations, (secure) storagecontainers etc via the TileEntity class which above TileEntities get derived from. TileEntities are accessible by the chunk they are in/on.



        Thank you for the tip! That's something I need to figure out next is how to get access to those class so I can see what properties I have to work with. I thought there was a way to get these things for modders but I haven't been able to dig anything up that isn't 2+ years old.