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    7DTD - MODDING - Tutorial

    Basic Modding Tutorial 01
    Basic Modding Tutorial 02
    Basic Modding Tutorial 03
    Basic Modding Tutorial 04
    Basic Modding Tutorial 05
    bigc90210 Tutorials
    RongoTheBold Tutorials

    So i thought i would make a list of Tutorials the community has made. You can chat up other modders here, about anything! Need HELP ? Post it here!

    * If you have a tutorial and its not listed here, Please leave me a PM or a post here so i can add it to the list above. However, if the help that you offer is adding things in as a mod and not really explaining how it works, then please dont ask to be posted here. Has to be a legit tutorial. *


    For those who will need help coding.... No matter if its in this post or you start a new post. Try to remember that if you want a fast response for your issue with code, you need to supply the other modders that will be helping you, with the correct information. This is what you will need;

    1: output_log.txt - located (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\7DaysToDie_Data)

    2: All of you XML files, or at least the xml code parts that you are 100% sure are the issue.



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    anyone out there know any good tutorial links i can put here for modding this game , please let me know so i can add it to the list above!


      When I first started I watched this guys channel on Youtube

      A little outdated maybe but concept is still the same and you can dig through and piece together some links in some type of category if you wish.

      Aslo RingoTheBold shows how he made his Fishing Modification and other things. Again a little outdated but useful when starting out.


        thx kage ill get those up there


          You might also want to include something along the times, "BEFORE MODDING ANY XML FILES IT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED THAT YOU BACK OF THE VANILLA ONES FIRST" Or if need be you can just link to here (Current: 13.6 vanilla xmls)


            um there is another way kage so you never need to back up the files, its in steam that checks your files to vanilla - if they dont match they are replaced with vanilla files!


              True, call me old school but I always like having a copy of it saved to my computer anyway but that's good to know. I had to use it today for the first time cause I screwed something up and couldn't play the game anymore. It found 3 files that needed to be reset.

              Thanks for that heads up though.


                anyone have any more links please link them so i can add more here


                  Are there any tutorials about getting started with custom .dll mods in the /MOD directory? Reverse engineering massive projects like Alloc's is very difficult just starting out. something small and simple to learn the basics maybe?


                    Would it be possible to give a brief description of what each tutorial covers? I am looking for some specific info, but I don't really want to watch them all from start to finish.

                    Having said that, I have nothing better to do, so I'll start doing that but others might appreciate the info in the future.


                      Really good instructions mate.

                      But the first sentence must always be "backup the files you want to change!"

                      I found that it is tenfold faster to copy a backup xml over the screwed up one, than waiting for steam taking its sweet time checking installation integrity.

                      I have in my main folder a folder reading "backup", and in it "original".
                      In there is a copy of the freshly installed "config" folder, and any other files I'm going to change.

                      Everytime I mod a xml, I copy-paste the config folder to make a "config - Copy (1)" and so on.

                      That way, using a comparison-program, it's possible to detect file differences and change stuff back fast. I'm using "grepWin", free program, really good, fast, small in size, and I think it has a multitude of translations, since my main language is german.
                      Andthe biggest bonus is that instead of coming with hundreds of toolbars and other spyware like many socalled "free" softwares today, it's REALLY free of anything.

                      And dll mods would be cool, the only thing I'm able to do so far is take off the version info clogging on the HUD and hud tweak to crosshairs and such. There's a lot of disassemby tools, I'm using ILSpy and 2 others, as well as the old trusty hexeditor - but making a new dll is even beyond me, I suck that much haha. I can change everything given enough time and tools, but making something from scratch. If it's 'simple stuff' like scripting java and C I do that but writing actually programs, nah. I lack the brains for it

                      But unless ppl feel the need to alter semi-hardcoded behaviour like forge smelt speed, rendering thingies like bloom, reflections or tonemapping, and just wanna make some new tools, items, ore and such, you are more than able to achieve everything related to gameplay in the xmls.


                        i do what you said but probably a little more i got every version of my mod ever released, ever original xml's from the versions of this game, 2 didnt spots for my mod and a drop box account with backups as well.


                          Do you know of any for the spawning xml? I want to see if I can make some sort of alternative for the 7 Day hordes until the devs fix their infinite spawning, as well make my own custom hordes.


                            Hi - Thanks for tutorials! Could you please check whats wrong with new version of game Need to convenrt ovens into campfire - simple copying your instruction doesnt work - seems to be different in new version? - we have oven with "press <E> to use" without any result. 14.6 version

                            <block id="2020" name="cntOven">
                            <property name="Class" value="Campfire" />
                            <property name="Material" value="metal" />
                            <property name="Shape" value="Ext3dModel" />
                            <property name="Mesh" value="models" />
                            <property name="Model" value="Appliances/oven" param1="main_mesh" />

                            <property name="ParticleName" value="campfire" />
                            <property name="ParticleOffset" value="0.7,0,0.7" />
                            <property name="HeatMapStrength" value="2"/>
                            <property name="HeatMapTime" value="1200"/>
                            <property name="HeatMapFrequency" value="25"/>
                            <property name="BuffsWhenWalkedOn" value="burningSmall"/>

                            <property name="ActiveRadiusEffects" value="+heatSource(3)"/>
                            <property name="Group" value="Food/Cooking,Basics,Building" />

                            <property class="Workstation">
                            <property name="Modules" value="tools,output,fuel,input"/>
                            <property name="Collide" value="melee,bullet,arrow,rocket" />

                            <drop event="Harvest" name="scrapCable" count="1" tool_category="Disassemble" />
                            <drop event="Harvest" name="shortMetalPipe" count="2" tool_category="Disassemble" />
                            <drop event="Destroy" name="cntOven" count="1" prob="1" />
                            <drop event="Fall" name="scrapMetalPile" count="1" prob=".75" stick_chance="1" />
                            <property name="DescriptionKey" value="campfireDesc"/>