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    [MODLET] Thumper System

    Hello! This is the first mod I'm sharing with the public since A17. I started it in A16, but was able to bring it to life with the new quest system in A17. This is not fully complete as I need to complete other mods in order to finish this one. But feel free to test it out!

    WARNING: This is a mid to late game mod. Attempt at your own risk! I have not personally tested in a legit game, so balance may be an issue. Only way to fix that is get help testing it. I also recommend lowering your in game volume a bit as this mod is a bit on the loud side.

    If you want to be fully surprised, just skip to the last line. It will have the download file.

    What does this mod do: It adds a craftable quest. (Search for Thumper in recipes. Also, my items will all have [T] in the xml name, so searching for [T] in creative will show all my items.) The quest will have you travel to find the last location of Susan (name WIP). Susan was an engineer that developed a GPS device that could call alien ships down from the sky. She named the ships "Thumpers". These are extremely loud when they land and will get a lot of attention from the infected. You must defend the Thumper. If it is destroyed, the quest will be unable to be completed.

    The zombies must be killed by your character. Traps can be used, but you must get the final blow. Each wave will spawn 25 zombies. You must kill 15 per wave, so there is room for error.

    After you have cleared the zombie waves, you'll be instructed to upgrade a block. This block will appear where the Thumper was, after a certain amount of time. If you complete the quests before this timer, you're able to upgrade the Thumper into the block. The hit boxes can be reached on the legs of the Thumper. It will take a few hits.

    Upgrading this final block is the end of the quest (for now). You may return to a trader to get additional rewards.

    As of right now the rewards include a new ranged weapon, jump pads, and a new weapon modification. This will be expanded as I make new items.

    Let me know what you guys think!

    Here are some pics of it.

    Thumper Demo: (sorry for the abrupt cut off.. fraps is only 30 sec for the free version)

    Jump Pad Demo: (will be part of the thumper rewards)

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    This sounds great but now I miss Firefall. cant wait for Em8er.


      RIP firefall I'd play that any day over wow.... lol


        Thank you.

        Is there any way to know what loot we'll get for completing the quest? in general? I don't know before downloading this if I'm in for gold, money, ammo, weapons, blocks, wood... etc. It'd be nice to know what I'm fighting for. Please and thank you.


          As of right now you'll get a treasure chest if you defend the thumper for the entire duration if the zombies manage to break it, no chest. You'll also get a final part of the quest to return to a trader. You'll get the basic rewards. 1000 xp and some coins. The main reward is defending the thumper. It's still a wip. I'm going to add my own loot to the treasure chest eventually.


            Missing me some Firefall


              Was a great game. Don't have any like it anymore. The ones we do have are too realistic to me.. I liked the atmosphere of firefall


                Fun stuff !
                Is there a way to reduce the music ?


                  In unity yes. I'm working on adding some more stuff to this mod, so ill be sure to reduce the volume when i upload again.


                    Originally posted by Telric View Post
                    In unity yes. I'm working on adding some more stuff to this mod, so ill be sure to reduce the volume when i upload again.
                    Looking forward to it. Ive posted a quick video for people who wish to see it in action. I fail of course lol. This is one of my new favorite things ever. I hope you make other ones or expand upon it more. Looking forward to what you can cook up in that evil mind.



                      Awsome Thing !! I think its for good peformance Pc's only.


                        Thanks jax! yes i'm going to add in some new stuff and expand it. Probably looking at differnt levels of difficulty. Might see about adding custom enemies, maybe bosses that spawn on the final wave or something.. Yeah. lots of ideas going on. Will let you know when i update it!

                        Ive gotten some jump pads going on. probably use them as a reward for lower level thumps. They give a good boost to moving. Can scale high buildings and all.

                        Added a couple vids to demo the new stuffs

                        - - - Updated - - -

                        And yes.. sadly i've heard from a friend that macs give some issues. Unfortunately i'm not sure what to do about that since i have no mac. lol.. sorry.. :/


                          Just updated! Added more to the system and new loots. As of right now it's still crafted with 20k casino coins. Will change in the future when i put more in. Also, localization has been redone, so be sure to put that in your config.


                            Nice I changed the recipe for when it goes on my b231 server. Some iron and bloodbags for now, thinking about what else would be fitting


                              Well.. once i figure out how to do more modding, ill be making a prefab that has a special trader in it that sells it or gives it as a quest. Gotta work on it piece by piece :P

                              Also adding a new demo vid of the new weapon you can get and modifier.

                              - - - Updated - - -

                              Well apparently only 2 vids can be posted.. So.. here is the newest.

                              Thumper SMG and Electric Barrel mod: