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Invisibility and friendly zombies

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    [MODLET] Invisibility and friendly zombies

    wearing this googles gives you super power.

    -If you don't crouch : Zombies are friendly followers and they will try to jump on your head. Not intended, but quite funny.
    Be aware: they may bite sometimes... and they will destroy things to say hello.

    -If you crouch, you will keep a good walking speed, and your location is unknown to zombies (you are invisible).
    Edit: While zombies cant detect you, they will detect sounds and try to go where the sound has been made.

    Reason of this mod:

    I don't like how zombies detect you so easily even if you are well hidden in your base and you don't make a lot of noise.
    Because I play with mods that spawn a lot of Z's, I couldn't have a rest.

    This is clearly overpowered, so I only use it when I want to chill in my super bunker.
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    Link fixed. sorry!


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