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MeanCloud's Fishing modlet (A18)

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    Originally posted by psouza4 View Post
    Curious why you can't hit -- I ran several 'website speed tests' that hit the page from all over the globe (including Brisbane) and none of them failed. Example:
    Urgh it is prolly my net Telstra sucks and Australia has worse then 3rd world country internet.


      Hello! I wanted to try this mod on my 7dtd server so I added it to the server files and also my own files on the client side. It's supossedly working, but if I click on any recipe on the craft list that includes fish, the console prints this message endlessly ("Null Reference Exception: Object Reference not set to an instance of an object") and I need to close the game to play normally again.
      This happened not only to me but also my friends that are playing on the same server.

      Any suggestions?
      As additional info, the server also has Darkness Falls and the Mining mod also from MeanCloud installed.