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    [MODLET] Doughs modlets

    Last Modlet Updates:
    03-12-2020: Updated "Add More Pipe Bombs" modlet
    02-26-2020: Added "Nerf Junk Turret" modlet
    Modlet Download/Tested On Information Description Last Update
    Remove The Map a18.3 Github
    Map is greyed out, forcing you to use only the compass and your memory 1-19-2020
    Punishing Weather - Core a18.3 Github
    Adds pretty dense dirt, winds, and temp changes to all biomes 1-12-2020
    Punishing Weather Effects - Medium a18.3 Github
    An Override to Punishing Weather - Core modlet. Lessens visual effects of the Core 1-12-2020
    Punishing Weather Effects - Light a18.3 Github
    An Override to Punishing Weather - Core modlet. Lessens visual effects of the Core 1-12-2020
    Punishing Weather - Survival a18.3 Github
    Gets colder as your altitude increases 1-12-2020
    Rabbit Of Caerbannog a18.2
    Adds a very vicious zombie rabbit that very rarely spawns, and a grenade to kill it. 1-25-2020
    Rabbit Of Caerbannog - Spawns A Lot a18.3
    An Override to Rabbit Of Caerbannog modlet to make rabbit spawn more often 1-31-2020
    Add 5 more slots for recipe ingredient list a17.2
    If you use mods and run into a recipe you cannot craft this may help 10-24-2019
    A fork of KHelldons a17 modlets a18.2 Github (My fork) Khelldons modlet page
    An attempt to get them to work in a18 2-7-2020
    Add more common sounds a18.3 Github
    Add more sound variations. Demo/Work in Progress. Let me know if you want more of a particular sound! 1-23-2020
    One Hour of Daylight a18.2 Github This Forum Post
    Can have perpetual nighttime or daylight. Very dark inside and underground. See also: Claymores Modlets "MORE OPTIONS" 1-26-2020
    Add More Pipe Bombs a18
    a18.2-> a18.4
    Add a few more types for early and end game use 03-12-2020
    You've got Mail a18.2 Github This Forum Post
    Add fun stuff in places you find mail 2-22-2020
    Nerf the Junk Turret a18.2 Github This Forum Post
    Makes Junk Turret more of a warning system than a Zombie destroyer, especially in early game. Adds more items to craft junk turret ammo with 2-26-2020
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      I like the idea with the weather stuff ... not really played much proper gaming time in A18 as I rarely get past the first day whilst testing my various modlets and stuff in A18 lol .

      I had noticed in the little day events I do that there are no changes to weather and its always sunny in my games lol

      Ragsy !!


        I noticed the same thing too. The weather isn't really an issue to deal with most of the time. I wanted something where I had more control (I wanted to be able to trigger the rain, sun brightness, etc) but a lot of that's not accessible with the XML modlets.. From reading the forums, I guess in older versions of the game a lot of people complained a lot about it "raining for days" and "not being able to see anything" so maybe they tuned it down a bit.

        I've also seen a few people asking for "snow in the forests" and other things. I'm thinking of adding more "override" modlets to override the core mod so you can choose your overall biome weather look/feel like "cold world" or "hot world". Since hot and cold are both generally buffered by the same clothing it doesn't really matter if you have both hot/cold in all the biomes (well, snow biome is likely going to need to be cold but you could have a "cold" desert). Maybe the snow on the ground could be colored to be grey so it could be wet ash or something so it could be hot.


          Added 2 more modlets:
          "Add more common sounds"
          "One Hour of Daylight"


            Note: For the modlet "One Hour of Daylight (or 0 up to 24)", I originally made it 1 hour (and some options) up to 23 as I didn't think about 0 or 24 hours as options . 0 hours is "Perpetual Twilight" for most of the time (it does get darker at times) and 24 hours would be "Perpetual Daylight" and I believe kills the blood moons (haven't tested as of now).

            Anyway, Apparently other people have had this same idea for a modlet, so I didn't steal their idea on purpose/directly . My modlet only allows changes to the Daytime length settings. I found this modlet from Claymore which made me realize you could have 0 or 24 hours of daylight (which 0 is awesome IMHO and what I play now) so I updated mine after naming it "One Hour of Daylight"
            Claymores "MORE OPTIONS" Modlet
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              You're very welcome, buddy Glad you liked the option and yeah: It does make it feel more scary than having a sunny bright warming daytime most of the day. I have to admit: I never played with it that much. I created it just for shenanigans, to be honest


                Its interesting because it changes the gameplay so much. Its so dark you really can't go into POI without a light, so you wither carry a torch and attach it to a wall (or use it as a weapon) so it's a lot harder and challenging, until you get a helmet with a light on it, then your hands are free to carry a weapon. Honestly, I'm thinking of making a mod to make it a *lot* harder to get/craft a helmet light to extend the time you have to spend lurking around holding a light. I have a game going (on day 6) and I had a mod added to let me have a flashlight + duct tape "helmet" and I kinda regret I did it as I realize how much it takes away from the creepiness.

                Also: I'm on day 6, barely got a forge and workbench running. Found an underground bunker on Day 2 (just luck). I've looted about 6 small POI's. It *really* makes it more fun in the early game for those that like a challenge. As soon as you let go of a light source it turns pitch black indoors in a few seconds, most of the time. I went down into a mine and only brought 1 torch, died, and realized I respawned in my bunker...with 0 lights crafted or on me. Fumbled around in pitch black dark for like 10 minutes


                  Added new modlet: You've got Mail

                  Description: The mailman cometh! This modlet adds a bunch of "fun" items into the game that you can find in places where mail would be found (mailboxes, desks, dressers, trash) in order to add a bit of backstory to the residents of the city, the outbreak and fall of civilization, and a bit of much needed whimsy. This modlet is purposefully designed to not add any custom graphics/sounds. so at times you may have to be a bit imaginative. The idea spawned from the fact that some containers like mailboxes/desks/trash *should* be full of all sorts of interesting nonessential stuff that no one has looted and makes these places ideal for a place to find things relating to/about the former residents.

                  If anyone has any interest in me adding more to this modlet, please let me know! I have more ideas for stuff, I just wanted to get a working modlet posted. If you have any ideas or requests (that I can pull off) I'll try to entertain them.

                  Details: There are a few types of items in this modlet.
                  • 80+ "Fun? things to just read"
                  • 50+ "Fun?, useless items"
                  • 30+ "Parcels to open". Some actually contain useful things.
                  • 4 Games to play: Soduku, Chess, Checkers, Tic-Tac-Toe
                  • Weapons: BB gun
                  Things I might add when I have time, or if anybody generally requests "more stuff":
                  - More puzzles/games
                  - More fun weapon "reimaginations" + ammo
                  - More backstories
                  - More items (useful and useless), books, etc
                  - Quests with some storyline.
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                    Cool, more junk to pack around. Just kidding.
                    I like all the "extras" (item mods) that people are making. It gives a feeling that this rotten decrepid world once held intelligent, thoughtful life.
                    Boardgames eh? Hmmm... may have to do a quest mod.


                      I originally planned on adding quests to this, and a lot of other stuff, but I wanted to spend more time testing out how to make a decent quest (and a backstory) vs "find the loot, bring it back, get something". Right now it's a lot of XML for a single quest and I wanted to put some thought behind it (and testing).

                      Yeah, I kinda like finding junk (there are some other "junk" modlets around) as it makes you stop and deal with them and makes it a little more random vs "everything I find is useful". I kinda enjoy the "I'm starving... (opens cabinet) ..dammit, a paper bag and a pencil" . I also find it a bit "dry" to be raiding people houses and not finding any evidence of "people".

                      Also: The games were more of a "hmmm" for me too. It's extra junk to find but has a purpose. I don't forsee people dedicating a lot of time to it, but it might be fun if you have a few hours at night and want to just do something funny. I made all the game boards basically out of glass so a single stray bullet/zombie/punch destroys the game
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                        Added new modlet: Nerf Junk Turret

                        Description: This modlet makes the vanilla junk turret much less powerful, especially in early game. Hopefully only a high tier modded junk turret will actually be capable of causing real damage to enemies vs a warning signal. The lower unmodded tier junk turrets are more of a "watch your back" item than a "can destroy all Zombies for me" item. It is basically much slower, less scaning range, and weaker.

                        Junk turret damage to entities has been reduced.
                        "Recoil" from manually firing it has been increased.
                        Range (entity detection, ammo, and player activation) has been reduced.
                        When deployed its "movement speed" and "scan area" and other movement related things have been reduced.
                        Firing rate has been left alone.
                        Junk turret ammo stacking has been reduced. Some modding bonuses have been dropped.

                        In order to compensate (slightly) for all the above, more items can now make ammo for the junk turret so when carrying one around its more likely you will have something available to can quickly make ammo from. These make the same generic "Junk Turret Ammo":

                        Scrap Iron <- Vanilla recipe. The cost of scrap iron for ammo has been increased.
                        Scrap Brass
                        Scrap Lead
                        Mechanical Parts
                        Glass <- Can only be made in the forge with crucible. Basically "crude blobs of glass".

                        Note: The items were chosen as "weighty/chunky" resource items. I cannot find a good way to make the junk turret ammo do different damage per ammo type. If I can figure this out I'll maybe make separate ammo types, add broken glass, etc.
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