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[MODLET] Laz Man's Modlets

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  • [MODLET] Laz Man's Modlets

    Hello Survivors,

    This thread will be used to organize all of my officially released modlets. Will be posting my first one shortly. Stay tuned!

    Modlet Name/Download Info Short Description Credits Last Updated
    LazMan's Auto Trigger Mod Here Increase's Rounds Per Minute by 75% LazMan 01/23/2020 (A18.2)
    LazMan's Tablesaw Mod Here Adds Window/Door Trim and Window/Door block recipes to the tablesaw LazMan 01/27/2020 (A18.3)
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    Underwhelmed by the vanilla Auto Trigger Gun Mod? It seemed lacking so I decided to mod it so it also increases the rounds per minute of the gun it is attached to. See details below. Enjoy!!!

    Laz Man's Auto Trigger Modlet:

    v1.0 (01/23/2020)
    - Initial Release (Alpha 18.2 Tested)
    - Modifies Automatic Trigger Gun modification to increase rounds per minute by 75%.
    - Replaces Marksman Rifle gunfire sound with the one used for the AK47 (original sound doesn't work well for automatic fire)

    Download Link:


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      Tired of just surviving the Apocalypse? Live it large by sprucing up your home with window/door trimmings and alternate windows and doors! This mod adds recipes for these additional blocks to the Tablesaw. Enjoy!!!

      Laz Man's Tablesaw Modlet:

      v1.0 (01/27/2020)
      • Initial Release
      • Adds the following block recipes to the tablesaw:

      • woodWindowTrim
      • woodWindowTrimBottom
      • woodWindowTrimTop
      • woodWindowTrimSides
      • woodWindowTrimTopFancy
      • doorTrimTop
      • doorTrim2m
      • window02
      • houseFrontDoor1_v1
      • houseFrontDoor2_v1

      • Adds brassdoorknob recipe (ingredient for houseFrontDoor1 & 2) to the forge

      Download Link:

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        Working on a Unique Weapons Modlet. Basically adds unique weapon variants (e.g. better stats, 4 mod slots, updated icon, and updated item labels / item descriptions) that can be gained from Tier 5 quests. Mostly a QoL mod that expands end game looting further.

        For example:

        -John Rambo's M60 (50% larger magazine size & 50% more durability)
        -Doc McCoy's Pump Shotgun (50% faster RPM & 50% more durability)
        -Harry Callahan's Magnum (50% faster RPM & 50% more durability)

        Let me know what you think.
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