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    [OVERHAUL] A15-16? Valmar's Mod Collection

    This is a collection of all the various mods I've created and shared. I'll keep this list updated whenever I post a new mod. I will include a brief description of each mod. For more details please check the individual mod pages.

    Valmod Pack
    Summary: A complete mod overhaul that features the majority of my mods all combined together into one large, easy-to-use package. Comes full of minor tweaks and changes to make the game more interesting and also features an optional Class system for players looking for something a bit different. View the page link for more in-depth details.

    Expanded Cooking Recipes and Foods
    Summary: Adds tons of new cooking recipes to the game along with a new mechanic for cooking foods - now you use bowls of water instead of jars and get the bowl back after you eat the food. No more eating glass!

    Survivor Notes - Recipe Books
    Summary: This mod introduces "Survivor Notes" to zombie loot that you can save up and use to craft recipe books.

    Working Electric Lights
    Summary: This introduces real working craftable lights to the game. Light up your bases with something more useful than candles or set up street lights around your base to prepare for nightly attacks.

    Working Ovens and Sinks
    Summary: Craft sinks to act as a source of clean water or ovens to work as a campfire.

    Expanded Traps
    Summary: Protect your base with new traps, including ones that sets zombies on fire.

    Expanded Player Storage Containers
    Summary: Adds a bunch of new containers the player can craft for storing items - nearly every container in the game has been added. Even coffins.

    Animal Snares
    Summary: Bait and trap animals to make hunting less of a chore.

    Expanded Ammo Types
    Summary: Adds new gun ammo types to the game such a hollow points and incendiary rounds.

    Survivor's Pack Starting Gear
    Summary: A mod that lets players start the game off with a survivor's backpack that they can open up to get some starting gear like clothes and a basic weapon.

    Extra Block Recipes
    Summary: Adds some new recipes to the game to allow the player to craft various blocks that were otherwise only found in creative-mode. Good for builders or decorators.

    Expanded Weapons and Tools
    Summary: Adds a more weapons and tools such as assault rifle, iron bow and combat axe just to name a few.

    Pig Farm
    Summary: Adds a craftable pig that you can place down for decoration purposes for those who want to build a farm.

    Admin Tools
    Summary: Adds admins tools and items, including a "gain all recipes" book and tools to clear out blocks quickly.

    Disable Falling Trees
    Summary: A simple and quick rundown on how to disable the falling tree animation.

    Starter Class System
    Summary: A mod that adds starter classes to choose from at the start of the game.

    Expanded Clothing
    Summary: A mod that adds various new clothes and color variants to the game.

    Dye Station - Color Your Armors
    Summary: This mod adds a new dye station the player can use to dye his armors various colors for extra customization.

    Door Lock Smash
    Summary: This mod lets you bash the lock of prefab doors instead of having to completely break the door down to get inside.

    Clingwrap - Seal Raw Meat
    Summary: This mod lets you find clingfilm wrap in cupboards that you can use to wrap up raw meat to prevent it from smelling.

    Armory Workstation
    Summary: A special workstation thats used to craft armors.

    Buffed Airdrop Crate Loot
    Summary: Buffs the loot you find in the air-dropped supply crates.

    Ammo Dismantling
    Summary: Allows you to dismantle your bullets back down to to their base components.
    Last edited by Valmar; 12-16-2017, 09:21 PM. Reason: Removed Autowall

    You rock.


      I copy and pasted the files where I am supposed you files you had 1580...1581, but my last file number started with 1442 so I changed your numbers to follow sync with mine.....was I supposed to do this? to I craft firetrap? and am I supposed to find a book or should it be in my recipes? sorry for questions but I'm new to modding 7DTD.thanks


        Hello Balboa. I'm impressed you found this buried as it was in the topics.

        You are safe to change the numbers, all that matters is that no ID number is used twice in any xml. So no duplicates, essentially. Long as you didn't make them the same ID as something else, you should be fine to renumber them however you'd like.

        The fire trap should be in your crafting menu. In my Valmod Pack it is potentially locked behind a book but since you've added it individually you should be just fine. Does it not show up when you search for fire?

        Also, don't be sorry for any questions. I welcome you the modding community and hope I am here to help should you need it.


          Updated to include my expanded clothing and AutoWall mod.


            Might be a silly question but does valmod include ALL of this already? Wanted to have a NON sd2dx game running so im starting over


              Originally posted by JaxTeller718 View Post
              Might be a silly question but does valmod include ALL of this already? Wanted to have a NON sd2dx game running so im starting over
              Yeah Val keeps all his little mods updated to the collection, and on the server



                The Valmod pack is the full package, yes. Everything included here and then some. If you like what I have here I suggest heavily with just going for the Valmod Pack. Just be mindful of which version you grab (full or lite) since the full version locks down the recipes pretty hard and is very different from vanilla. The lite version however is perfect if you want the game to play similar to vanilla but still want all the new toy and additions.


                  To the best of my knowledge everything listed here should now be A13 compatible.


                    Valmar: Just a few notes for you -

                    EXPANDED COOKING AND FOODS:
                    -when we arent using your icons, some food items (the ones using venisonStew as the custom icon) aren't showing. I'm assuming this needs to be meatStew now.

                    EXPANDED FARMING
                    -can we get the seeds recipes to show under the food crafting categories

                    EXPANDED PLAYER STORAGE
                    -recipes are not found under any of the categories- have to use the search function to find them


                      Excellent points.

                      I'll make note to address in my next update - and ensure the individual mods are adjusted to reflect the change as well. Thank you.


                        I fixed the oversight mentioned with the expanded cooking icons and added the seeds to the food/cooking group. The expanded player storage containers should now appear in the Decor/Miscellaneous category.

                        Thank you for the feedback.


                          At some point my Door Lock Smash mod became compatible again (previously the Door class didn't function) so I added it back to the list. Let the smashing commence.


                            Sure would be nice to have tooltips/descriptions....

                            like which GD book needs reading...


                              We can't add descriptions to items with the XML at the moment. So yes, would be nice, but nothing I can do about it right now.

                              I don't know what a "GD book" is but I assume you're referring to recipe books. The answer to this question should be detailed in the specific mod, assuming the mod uses skill books.

                              In short: read what you install and don't install mods blindly.

                              I'm going to go out on a limb and assume you're actually using the Valmod Pack and not individual mods. In which case the Valmod Pack includes with a Valmod Guide that goes into very specific detail about everything.

                              Fortunately the majority of books should be pretty intuitive about what they teach. What does the Fireaxe Schematic teach? Probably not a shotgun. What does Masonry Basics teach? Probably not electric lights. What book locks down the bow and arrow? Archery of Beginners or Gardening Tool Schematics? At anyrate if there is ever doubt about what teaches what - thats what the guide is for.