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Alpha 15 (a15) Better Days mod - Tweaks, fixes and grind-reduction

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    [OVERHAUL] Alpha 15 (a15) Better Days mod - Tweaks, fixes and grind-reduction

    Better Days mod for alpha 15 (a15) version.

    I felt that the game had a lot of bugs that needed to be fixed and recipes that didn't make sense or that required too much grinding, so I revamped the configuration files to help with these problems. It also tones down the zombies a bit so they do not run as fast at night. There are hundreds of changes that make the game more fun and less grind-tastic. A must if you want to enjoy the game in single player mode or hate spending all your time working for materials.
    Feel free to tweak the files to meet your liking. Read the Tweak section to leave out parts you don’t want. You may link to this page for anyone to find. Please do not link to the main file itself because the file name will change as I release new versions. Plus we want people to review the change log and installation instructions.

    COMING SOON: Craftable Gas Mask, more/better items at the Trader's...

    *To make a suggestion for the next version, send me a message or leave a comment below. Please be sure to read the changes before doing so.

    *More recipes
    *Better temperatures
    *Better food and medicine
    *Easier to find resources and tools
    *Easier to get torches and other essentials
    *More accurate treasure hunting
    *Lower requirements for recipes
    *More helmets have flashlights
    *Traders have better items
    *Minibikes use less gas
    *Higher stacking items
    ...and much more!

    MilitaryHelmetLight.jpgInventory Items.jpg

    Please review the change log below before downloading and installing the mod.
    FYI: You can remove crafting tables, campfires and forges with wrenches! Remember to remove any materials or tools from them first.

    NEW Version 14:
    recipes a15 v21 - added car battery recipe!
    recipes a15 v20 - added glass to lights recipes, used short pipe for flashlights, added turd to fertilizer recipe for cement mixer, added nails to pipebomb recipe, more efficient rocket recipe. Whew!
    traders a15 v1 - traders are more likely to carry more, high end stuff
    items - a15 v15 - modified stock can to resemble stew
    recipes a15 v19 - added stock can recipe at the campfire (makes 2 cans)
    items - a15 v14 - added machete to hunting knife book to gain recipe
    items - a15 v13a - added flashlights to iron, military and swat helmets! Nice!
    recipes a15 v18 - added flashlight and duct tape to recipe for iron helmet

    Version 13:
    recipes a15 v17 - added tshirt and shorts recipes - stay cool out there
    biomes a15 v4a - lowered high temps
    biomes a15 v4 - lowered wasteland and desert temperatures a bit
    buffs a15 v1a - rebalanced painkiller effect
    items - a15 v12 - changed casinotoken stacks to 5000 (leave a comment if you know they can go higher without glitching or disappearing)
    items - a15 v11 - made canned food remove less water
    biomes a15 v3 - made weather even less varied to minimize having to change clothes all the time.

    Version 12:
    items - a15 v10a - fixed problem with animal hide items, must be leather for repairs
    recipes a15 v15 - balanced dirt to ground recipes
    recipes a15 v14 - added recipe for machete at the bench
    items - a15 v10 - reduced price of craftable beaker
    items - a15 v9 - animal hide items now use animal hide for repairs instead of leather
    glasses and goggles use scrap metal instead of forged iron for repair
    entityclasses - a15 v3 - ferals are a little tougher but slower than previous versions
    recipes a15 v13 - made scrap iron blocks and yucca juice cheaper
    buffs a15 v1 - made painkillers last much longer making them much more useful
    items - a15 v8 - removed wellness penalty from coffee
    items - a15 v7 - made soup and stew give more water
    items - a15 v6 - made casino tokens stack much higher
    biomes a15 v2 - made weather less varied, less clothing changes needed (hopefully)
    progression a15 v2 - made treasure hunter perk more effective
    recipes a15 v12 - changed signs to be more practical
    entityclasses v2 - changed zombie and bear health
    loot a15 v3 - made plastic more common to find (seriously, it's in everything)
    items - a15 v5 - changed bandage healing amount
    recipes a15 v10 - changed steel arrow recipe, tweaked alt glass pane recipe
    recipes a15 v11 - changed shotgun slug & shell recipe, flaming arrow and exploding bolt

    Version 11:
    recipes a15 v9a - re-tweaked gas recipe
    recipes a15 v9 - added beaker recipe
    recipes a15 v8 - added glass recipe, changed empty bottle to require 1 iron for lid, re-added glass to window recipe
    recipes a15 v7 - 4 springs for 1 steel vs old 1 to 1 ratio
    recipes a15 v6 - put windows back to just wood, changed spiked club to be a more practical recipe
    entityclasses - a15 v1cRun - enemies run only a bit faster at night
    recipes a15 v5 - fat (not tallow) torches, wooden item req., better flashlights, more productive gas formula
    blocks a15 v2 - metal chairs drop metal and plastic.
    items - a15 v4 - nailgun is a slightly better weapon
    loot a15 v2 - safes have better loot, made caliper and rare tools a bit easier to find.
    biomes a15 v1b - weather less rainy in places

    Older changes:
    zombies drop fat for easier torches
    lowered lots of requirements for recipes
    special zombies are less fast/tough
    minibikes use less gas
    weather temperatures are less varied so you don’t have to change clothes as often
    changed flashlight recipe to be more practical

    Here is a description of what each file does so if you don’t want this modded version you can keep the original or your own.
    recipes.xml – this has the biggest changes. Recipes for items are here.
    entityclasses.xml – specifies how zombies work. If you like the original, tough, fast zombies don’t copy this file.
    blocks.xml – objects that are placed in the world. Ex. Busted cars, tables, etc.
    items.xml – already created items, tools, armor, guns, etc. 2nd biggest changes are here.
    loot.xml – stuff gained from containers and corpses.
    Biomes.xml – weather and temperatures outside.

    Download/instructions page:
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    How do i add the Beaker to be able to be crafted in the Forge?


      As a suggestion, I'd recommend adding commented lines to things you've changed to make it easier to see what's different.


        Originally posted by wolverine576 View Post
        How do i add the Beaker to be able to be crafted in the Forge?
        You just have to have glass and lead already smelted in the forge. If you highlight a recipe and the forge shows the ingredients in red that means you can't make it until you smelt the necessary items. In this case 2 glass and 1 lead.


          Originally posted by Latheos View Post
          As a suggestion, I'd recommend adding commented lines to things you've changed to make it easier to see what's different.
          I would rather not clutter the files with comments. I've made a ton of changes. All I can suggest is that you use a copy of the original xml files to compare them and see what has changed. You should have a back up of the originals. If not I'm sure you can find them somewhere. Thanks for the suggestion though.
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            are you still working on this mod or the new versions stopped this?



              Originally posted by Topminator View Post
              are you still working on this mod or the new versions stopped this?
              For the time being no. I may pick it up again in the future. I'll send you a notice when I do.