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    Originally posted by MrSamuelAdam View Post
    Thanks for getting back to me! Life got in my way too lol.
    I am intrigued by this new one you put out, " Added damage multipliers to compensate for HP increase due to difficulty adjustment."

    What does that mean exactly?
    like headshots for Insane difficulty are similar, for exmaple, nomad?

    And is this exclusively 18.3? Because I'm still playing on 18.2 and a lot of my modlets are for 18.2 ��
    Yes they should be compatible with 18.2 and the difficulty compensation makes it scale with difficulty, so it's (ballpark) 1 headshot for a basic zombie on all difficulties. YMMV with perks, etc.

    @Laz: I'm wrist deep in about 4 different things right now, and I don't remember off the top of my head. If you haven't joined us at you really should. A lot of folks way smarter than I am there.

    @ShoudenKalferas:Yeah it just felt like less than 100% damage was pointless because if you take off 90% of their HP or 50%, it still took 2 headshots to get a kill. Eventually I'd like to do a full combat overhaul that has damage ranges per hit and better criticals, etc. But that's part of my N.U.G project. (Notes Until Gold).

    Happy hunting, all!


      TSBX -- I use your mod with the White River Tools of Citizenship quests which has a more powerful bow. This probably explains why I like the 25%. With even a couple perks in Archery this custom named bow, and stone arrows.. I'm sometimes seeing 1-shot headshot kills on the weaker Zombies. I'd imagine with a full perks for Archery and Penetration and better arrows I'd be seeing 1-shot headshot kills for most Zombies consistently.


        Originally posted by ShoudenKalferas View Post
        Disappointed you removed the 25% Headshot TSBX. I used your code to formulate a 25% Modlet to replace the one you removed. Thanks for the great Modlet to start with. It always seemed to me the headshots didn't provide enough damage. I think the 25% provides just the right amount with the perks and item increases.
        Does this work for 18.2?
        This was something I was looking for!