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    I'm not good at English, I may have said the strange thing
    This is the unfinished work still.

    30 Mar. 2016(Last modified)


    The latest version
    1.12a (a14.2)-----------------------------------------------------

    prefab file is here

    You must do the following:

    Add downloaded prefab file

    Add to Data/Worlds/Navezgane/prefabs.xml
    <decoration type="model" name="pikero_slum_air" position="999, 14, 100" rotation="0" />
    <decoration type="model" name="pikero_slum" position="999, 14, 100" rotation="0" />

    slums screenshot-------------------------------------------------



    Navezgane Location

    Download Guide

    old version
    1.11a (a13.8)-----------------------------------------------------
    prefab file is here

    Thanks for watching.
    Good luck to you

    Construction still continues.

    Special thanks---------------------------------------------------
    In preparing the file, I referenced a tutorial of bigc90210.
    I always appreciate your detailed explanations

    I used Hal's Prefab Editor.
    I'll be thankful to HAL9000. Thank you very much!
    Last edited by pikero; 03-30-2016, 02:40 PM. Reason: Update to 1.12a[a14.2]

    Very nice work


      I like That's gonna be scary as hell at night with running zombies...


        that Looks cool


          Dayum. You should be on the dev team makin them buildins, or at least give em a few pointers because master architects they aint. Not that they suck at making buildings or anything, just that some are confusing or very empty feeling or just proportioned really weirdly.


            Wow holy ♥♥♥♥ that second pic set is genuinely creepy. Awesome.


              Seems like the perfect set for a horror movie. I like it.


                Thank you all.


                  looks very nice, love the details! keep on good work


                    This works with 8.8 right?


                      Yes. Good trip!


                        Just a quick note to say ive been through this save and i like this a LOT!!!! REALLY well done, the attention to detail is extremely impressive. here is some constructive feedback:

                        in one of the huts there is 4 gun safes and some ammo boxes within a 4x4 grid, this would be extremely OP in a multiplayer map, i would reccommend removing them

                        The overhead road looks awesome, though slightly out of place (with it being so large-almost like a highway) yet so short in length

                        the pipework/sewer system looks brilliant, as does the various decals used throughout

                        id consider "damaging up" or collapsing the top part of the highway/road part so it looks more blended into the surrounding area, it looks in very good condition damage wise considering its a shanty town.

                        Brilliant work though, it sits well in the location, though one thing to mention is that location-wise it clashes with one of the prisons which also shares a small part of that biomes' area (see the prefab spreadsheet). Perhaps you could modify it so they are compatible? they both look great and fit together fairly well (see my screenshot)

                        Last edited by bigc90210; 08-13-2014, 08:59 PM.


                          I don't want to say this. But you'll really only find a few random gun parts in gun safes and munition boxes if you're lucky. And full guns are extremely rare.


                          Since it's technically a minor thing and the pimps practically already have shown or told about all the other major things already. So yeah. Also you should put boards in front of every room that has treasure behind it practically. Well not every door but strategically because stuff and things.


                            Thanks for the feedback

                            I tried to draw a concept art.
                            The idea was summarized with the image.
                            Large-scale construction is needed.


                              beautiful work Pikero, amazing stuff.