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Compo-Pack for Random Gen

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    Compo-Pack for Random Gen

    ahoi hoi survivalists

    Here is COMPOPACK_43(for Alpha18.3_built3)
    (also compatible with all previous Alpha18-versions)

    COMPOPACK is a Collection of 294 Prefabs made by the members of this forum.
    I've also taken over all spawnable Vanilla-POI's to the CP (because of the waterbug in the originals)
    COMPOPACK is easy to implement (just a copy/paste - process) - and totally supports EAC (steam-easyanticheat)

    what you can expect when copying the CP-files into your gamefolder ?

    - a better variety in RandomGenerated maps (RWG-maps) (also Nitrogen-maps)
    - 294 different extra POI'S to spawn randomly in RWG (also in Nitrogen-maps)
    - 9 different townships (=towns will differ from each other because of specialized prefab-rule-sets)
    - 6 Traders (+-1) on a 8k-map are guaranteed

    Whats new in this Release ?
    nothing special - buisness as usual: some fixes on some prefabs and a bunch of new POI's are added
    also slightly enhanced the spawning on Nitrogen-maps

    This CP-version contains:
    - the prefab-files that are needed at all
    - CP-rwgmixer.xml (for ingame RWG-map-generation)
    - CP-Nitrogen-prefablist.txt (also my configUI.txt) (for Nitrogen-map-generation)
    - a pregenerated 8k-Nitrogen-map for example-purposes

    check out the updatepost to get detailed information

    special thx to Damocles
    for providing such a wonderful map-generation-tool and adding the customzone-stuff for me

    also special thx to Pille
    for providing me the ability to do what is needed to do with the prefabs with his editor

    for providing their prefabs to the community this time thanks to:
    axebeard - Stallionsden - NAGG - TopMinder - Pille

    As always the COMPOPACK is 100% EAC-friendly !!!

    Current version is: COMPOPACK_43(for Alpha18.3_built3)

    HERE you can download COMPOPACK_43(for Alpha18.3_built3)

    (Install-Instructions and the current Releasenotes are in the Download-file (.zip) )

    no POI-groups are setted yet (has no impact on spawning and gameplay!) (will be implemented in further releases)
    some wierd blocks (Rotations) on few prefabs (will be fixed when reported)

    Wishes or constructive critic is welcome.
    If u see any errors or strangers please report it here !!! (with picture when possible !)

    Some creations are look like a littlebit curious (especially the furnish and deco or displaced looking blocks)
    this is no Issue for me - these blocks i haven't changed !!! (i wanna keep the artistic freedom of the creator !!! ) . IMO its these little things - that makes the world living (this and the zeds OFC )

    Here are some previous CP-Releases:

    COMPOPACK_42(for Alpha18.2_built5)

    COMPOPACK_39(for Alpha18_exp_built143)

    COMPOPACK_38(for Alpha17.1_stable_b9)

    COMPOPACK_35 for Alpha17exp_b233







    COMPOPACK_25 for_alpha16experimental



    Alltime Special-thx to:
    Hal9000 - Randor9 - RedMunich - bigc90210 - thugsta - acidchaulk - JayzenFreeze - LT. - elitelex - Damocles - Stallionsden - StompyNZ - Slaan - LuckyStar - NODABBA - Pille - LazMan - Guppycur - War3zuk - TopMinder
    and OFC all the Prefabbers and Modders out there, who spend their work to the community !!!

    OK - thats all guys

    have fun
    Last edited by Magoli; 01-17-2020, 01:03 AM.

    Thanks for your great work.


      Nice! Will have a look now!
      Got a few more blocks, just deciding what clutter to put out back for diversity, yards, garages etc. will let you know when I'm done with these and send them over before moving on, tenament blocks next I think!-)

      ps to all, when you click the download button it may ask you to make a new dropbox account, just hit the X to close it and click download again to grab it without the need for an account.


        One of the most wanted mod... Huge work... Far far better than vanilla... Again, really thank you for that..!


          Originally posted by berticus0001 View Post
          Nice! Will have a look now!

          ps to all, when you click the download button it may ask you to make a new dropbox account, just hit the X to close it and click download again to grab it without the need for an account.

          Yes - thats true !!! Thx for the info.
          Didn't mentioned this yet (because iam never logged out)

          Is this new on dropbox ??? Looks like they wanna catch new people very aggressively !!!


          Like berticus0001 said: Just close the first signin-window - then the DL-window appears !!!

          Mag out


            There is a gremlin inside... Look what I've got when testing :

            Was walkin around, close a POI in forest biome... After that, map broken...

            Edit : Could be an issue from my modded rwgmixer as far as I know... Will test it with default...

            Last edited by Bullrott; 05-18-2015, 03:32 PM.


              @Bullrott, invalid attachment.

              So, quick flight over a few cities to check things out, here's how things went.
              First had to change my new ones to maxperhub=1 as pretty much nothing but those spawned, then had to do the same to the vacant lots, lots & lots of vacant lots! lol
              First water plant I came across colapsed immediatly, possibly 'cos I was sprint-flying and the game didn't have enough time/processing power to build it and everything else in that chunk, second one found stayed up so will have to check in a real game at foot speeds to verify.
              Other than that they all seemed to spawn fine!
              It should be noted though that this is built for a vanilla city, and even then there are only enough prefabs for 20 city blocks (if you add the maxper to the lots), so the city has to be no larger than 5x4 (or 4x5) blocks max (vanilla is 6x6 I think so you'll end up with some blocks having no buildings at all).
              If, like me, you have your city modded to be larger you're going to have to go through the xml's by hand and remove the maxperhub from those you want to see spawn multiple times, probably the appartment blocks and other abodes most likely.
              And, just for me, I don't suppose you know off hand which prefabs use the smoke blocks Mag? For my intact city it's waaaay too thick.



                But as I said, could be a rwgmixer failure on my part... Will try with default now...


                  Just had it as well as soon as I spawned in to a new game, thread exeption generate_chunk or whatever, empty string is invalid.


                    Just checked the issue with a default rwgmixer... Sounds like it works... There is many problems with modded prefab... Some of them collapsed like :

                    And some spawn on roads like :

                    Still lots of work for makin it works perfectly... But ATM the RWG is far better than the vanilla's one...


                      Well, I have to say that your mod is a good start Magoli...! Seems we can make it better :

                      Variety is far better than vanilla, BUT we can adjust some things for make it better than this... IMO, rwgmixer have to be modded for fit your mod perfectly... AND we can adjust spawning location of prefabs, some of them atm breakin' immersion... It's a little bit annoying when buildings with grass spawn in wasteland... Or when you have wood factory spawning outside snow & forest biome... As well, funeral parlor in wilderness...


                        I was going to add this to my server but it seems like some tweaking of the rwgmixer is in order. Hurry up guys!

                        LOL JK

                        Thanks to everyone working on this. It's MUCH appreciated!


                          Originally posted by Bullrott View Post

                          But as I said, could be a rwgmixer failure on my part... Will try with default now...
                          Yes - its definitely a rwg-mixer Issue (I had this one too) !!!

                          And yes - the LumberMill looks displaced in the most biomes (I will change that in the next release)

                          To the misspawned TWDprison: This is something the devs have to take care about !! - not me !!!

                          If any prefab has the wrong walking-ground - pls make a screenshot of it - and post it here !!!

                          Changing the rwgmixer.xml entries is a tricky part. (IMO this needs a own Thread !!!)

                          u shouldn't change the .xml's for all the *lot* stuff !!!
                          This is always the pre-underground for prefabs or a placeholder, when the game don't find a prefab that fit's the situation.

                          In the PACK i let all entries about ..Lot... untouched !!!

                          Mag out


                            cool buildings. I loaded to myself on the server


                              Yeah, I see what you mean about using the lots as filler but I think the main problem is the way the randomizer lays out the city, it seems to fill from south west to north west then repeat meaning the west of a city is always filled with the 1-per-hub buildings and the east is filled with the multi-per-hub stuff, so for a 6x6 city (vanilla max) you end up with a city like thisĀ¬
                              What we need is more types to use a fillers so removing the max-per on the others doesn't end up with loads of shotgun messiah's all over the shop.