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understanding the RWGMixer

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    understanding the RWGMixer

    I think its time we discussed and dissected the rwgmixer. Between all the great modders this game has I am certain that there can be a number of great ideas to get the rwgmixer working great.

    What i made this thread for is to have all discussion of rwgmixer in 1 section where everyone can post their thoughts and ideas and discuss and come up with a working rwgmixer inc biomes.xml as well.
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    I agree the rwgmixer has issues. Max_count when placed on a handful of prefabs you really only want 1 of works great. Probs are completely ruined and cause lots of flow on effect bugs yes.

    If you are wanting more rural/wilderness prefabs utilise the biome.xml as seen in the mega city adjusting the probs higher will add lots of prefabs/pois to the biomes lowering it will reduce the amount of pois.

    Mags compo pack is absolutely awesome agreed there with out it the game would be missing a big chunk of fun and enjoyment with what the compo pack adds. As with the hubs.

    But whilst the game has great modders like mags. Stompynz. Laz-man etc etc i really dont think that any issue can not be solved.

    I removed the max_counts and probs from every prefab in the rwgmixer and the city spawns full. Add probs it returns to empty lots everywhere. Add max_counts to all prefabs the same thing.

    Stompynz added the biomedeco and it brings the wilderness /rural alive.

    Rural spawns ie:the 1 street road with some prefabs on each side causes floatation issues and in the mega city they have been removed.