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Construction Site #1

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    Construction Site #1

    Description: A small house under construction.



    Thanks to: Hal9000 for providing an awesome toolset and tutorials on how to use them and
    Guppycur for creating the flattening prefab to get me started!

    It should go without saying but feel free to use, modify, share with others, etc. Hope you guys enjoy!

    This looks great! You should have a whole series of partially constructed houses, it would fit well into the new Nav... an entire neighborhood under construction, with one or two move-in ready houses.


      Thanks Guppy! My favorite part of this one is the port-o-potty. I'm hoping Gazz was able to get all the different block styles in for each material in A14, that will help tremendously with aesthetics. (Not enough plate blocks)

      I've got ideas for quite a few different things. My ultimate scheme is to use the cell rules to define areas to be different zones as you'd see in a city/town/metro area. Residential area with houses/apts/rowhomes. Poverty stricken areas with slums, garbage piles, dilapidated houses, projects. Industrial with warehouses and factories. Downtown with smaller shops, restaraunts, maybe a car lot. I think cell rules are broken or not working correctly if I'm remembering right though. I'll have to poke around and see.


        Definitely doable, looking forward to visiting T-Town. Wait, that may have a different meaning.