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Prefab - A16.2b7 - Paintball Arena

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    Prefab - A16.2b7 - Paintball Arena

    Latest version of this prefab is now maintained here.

    Another Guppy Prefab Server selection, made by a very talented decorator.



    Video of how I made the Sleeper Volumes:

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    You've an updated link?


      Nice naked male video thumbnail. On a serious note, nice job.


        I shared a zip with you on PM. It didn't work?

        Thanks Laz! Was crazy fun!

        Sidenote:. If you're making a prefab and it sits on a 1 block high foundation, concrete foundation for example, make sure you set your YOffset in the prefab XML to -1. Basically, Y offset = a negative value of your total blocks to get your front door to ground level.
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          Updated Paintball Park prefab.

          * Mesh added
          * Sleeper Volumes reworked and play tested.
          * Y Offset adjusted for both Distant Terrain and Random Gen spawning.


            I updated the OP.

            - - - Updated - - -

            Oh, as an aside, if ever you need to edit one of my posts with the correct or updated download link, "Report" it and put in a note that says:

            Roland: Guppy said you wouldn't mind editing his posts

            ...mind you, I haven't actually asked Roland, but I presume a lot of things. =)


              lol. Will do.


                So... since i've learned a few more things... Updated with I hope the real final version.

                Latest Prefab Download.
                Note: the download file name for the latest should be jm_paintballv6final. Guppy's OP is pending an update currently...

                * Removed wooden signs that were used since we can't store text in the signs with the prefab.
                * Added a street sign for the building.
                * Slight widening of the prefab to accommodate the street sign. (2 blocks wider prefab overall)
                * Some little decorative changes (case... well... I was in edit mode sooo. yeah).
                * Updated Mesh to include showing the Street Sign and the change to the prefab overall size.

                Here's some screenshots for you guys as well.


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                  So a little bummed out. Sorry for those who may have downloaded this update. I seem to be smacked by some bug that cleared the zombies out of the locations I placed them on the map. Not entirely sure why they'd all poof but they did. have to replace zombie blocks and do it again... >.>


                    I am sure you can fix it
                    I'm looking forward to the update.


                      Originally posted by Eihwaz View Post
                      I am sure you can fix it
                      I'm looking forward to the update.
                      Hoping to have it done today. Yeah. I know the problem so will get it fixed.


                        And hopefully the last update for a while! Jeepers!

                        Sorry Guppy and Roland/forum moderators for the repeated updates on this one. All set now.

                        Some changes to note:
                        * Zombies now are real... Sleeper Blocks replaced after my import/export stafu.
                        * Front Parking now has a sidewalk in front and an entrance. No more (hopefully) no more smooshing the parking lot and street together.
                        * Added missing ladders.
                        * Some touch up.
                        * Doors are now locked appropriately.


                        Please let me know if you run into any issues.

                        Note: Guppy/Roland/Moderator: If you'd like me to start a new forum thread for this let me know! Thanks!


                          is this just a building, or are there paintball guns yet?


                            Originally posted by SlicksGirl View Post
                            is this just a building, or are there paintball guns yet?
                            Well it's all made of reinforced concrete. So you could go in with guns. Least that was considered in design. So armor up and blast your friends! I would recommend avoiding explosives unless you don't mind importing the prefab again or finding new paintball fields in your game.

                            But no, no paintball gun.

                            There is however a guy in the mods forum looking for help to mod in paintball guns.

                            It's fully ready for RWG though and has some... Erm. "Fun" surprises for those brave enough to explore the play field.


                              I'm poking at Guppy to let me repost this Prefab in my own thread. But for now... FYI to all... A Paintball Wargames mod is available with 2nd version of this parks prefab to fit the mod. Hop on over to the thread below for details.

                              I'm not posting the Paintball Mod specific prefab here as it's not really meant for RWG or SP games. It's meant to be injected into an already generated map.

                              However the Prefab in this thread specifically is very much meant for RWG. :-p Uglies do exist in thar.