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Prefab - A17.1 - Shoot'n Balls Paintball Arena

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    Prefab - A17.1 - Shoot'n Balls Paintball Arena

    Alpha 17.1 B9

    Prefab Name: Shoot'n Balls Paintball Arena
    Intended Use: Nav's and RWG
    Notes: Includes Mesh, Sleepers, Volumes, Zoned xml. Plug'n Play Ready
    Recommended rwgmixer placement:. Commercial and/or Industrial

    I've enjoyed several indoor paintball arena's in my day. And I figured it'd be a fun prefab to tool around in. Of course, this is 7 Days To Die... So, beware you pre-day 21 people. Loot's to be had but it's gonna be hard fought! Especially the really good goodies!.

    Note that this was also designed to be durable for your PVPish pleasure. Got armor and some small arms? Head in with your buddies and see who's back on their bed and who's still standing! It's all Reinforced Concrete so, explosives aside, it'll hold up to several matches. So have fun blasting away at your buddies! And... Maybe your respawn timer will kick in just in time for it to be "extra" fun. :-D


    PaintBall Arena Prefab Download A17.1 B9

    Latest What's Changed:
    • A17 Overhaul with a number of the new A17 blocks added to the POI. One thing to be thankful for, some of the new deco blocks that are big pallet blocks. Makes great filler and... other things. Thanks TFP!
    • Rooftop changed for better Volume control and spawn management.
    • Hopefully made notable improvements to the potential of zombies spawning right in your face regardless on how you enter the POI.
    • Cleared all gore blocks.
    • Updated sleeper volumes to be less likely to cause massive spawns. Though... If you run through the whole building and don't clean house, that's on you.
    • Repainted the majority of the POI as much of the paint was lost by changes in A17.
    • Reworked loot a bit. Still very loot heavy, but hopefully it won't feel so much like you won the game.
    • Moved high value loot to where it really should have been before. Fight for it.
    • May be... More challenging...
    • Questing enabled. (except clear quest, though add that in if you want).
    • Updated Mesh and Thumbnail JPG.
    • Note: Pulled from Magoli's Compo-Pack as I wasn't sure if he already did some updates to the POI. Hey Mag, hope you don't mind me just sticking with the name you used for the files.




    * Fixed a missing block. Possible A16.2 to A16.3 thing?
    * Removed some floating trash.
    * Destroyed a bit of the prefab for that good ol apocalyptic feel. But not much, still functional as a RWG Paintball Arena.
    * Redid the Mesh.

    For the original thread where Guppycur shows how to place sleeper volumes, Click Here.

    Special thanks to Guppycur for helping me get started with Prefabs! My very first foray into custom content on 7D2D was with his help. So thanks a bunch Guppy!
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    Screen Shots



      what is the block u think have changed from a16.2 to 16.3 ???


        Originally posted by Jackelmyer View Post

        Special thanks to Guppycur for helping me get started with Prefabs! My very first foray into custom content on 7D2D was with his help. So thanks a bunch Guppy!
        Hey. Making people instantly more skilled and better than me is what I do. =)


          Originally posted by Magoli View Post

          what is the block u think have changed from a16.2 to 16.3 ???
          Probably the "2:00am prefab posting forum" missing block. With a little sleep I can't see why the specific block would be missing. Was just a brick block with grass right in front of it and a couch behind it. Which, the brick block, may have zapped the grass block? like placing a sleeper can do?


            A cool showcase video by Eihwaz! Thank you!


              Ok, it's a very nice looking prefab and the word 'balls' is in the title. So keep up the good work.


                Originally posted by Pille View Post
                Ok, it's a very nice looking prefab and the word 'balls' is in the title. So keep up the good work.
                Thanks. And yer welcome for the title.


                  Refreshed for A17.1 B9. Fingers crossed 17.2 doesn't break more block ID's and paint and such.


                    my fingers crossed too - thx dude

                    but for now: good work !!! Looks awesome again

                    I will change the old One with the new One in the next CP-Release
                    (havent checked it yet, but I asume everything is well)

                    rock on


                      I did a very very brief play test, which I must say, is an awesome button in the in game editor. Things seem to be functioning.

                      Man I really really like the new pallet blocks. Sooo much easier to hide spawn points. I could use getting more creative with it, but they're still really awesome to use.


                        Figured I share the funny reason why I dipped back into this. I had a youtube notification pop up on my phone in the google feed. Was a video of someone going through this POI I made. I have to say... That was one of the most gratifying things I've experienced in a very long time. To watch someone go through something I made and listen to the "Oooo's and Aaaah's and AAAAAH's!!?!!". Couldn't help but come back and touch it up.

                        That and when I saw how much loot people were walking away with I knew I had to nerf it some lol. Just... way way way too much. like... way too much loot. Still has a ton. But yo... seriously... I know these people were excited in the moment. But how they didn't stop later and go... "That... that kind of is all I need now... huh..." I don't know.


                          The good thing bout 17 is also the random loot containers. Some are already looted others have loot


                            ALERT: An A17.1 B9 bug was found and it's affecting this POI. I have it fixed but it's not published yet. I'll be creating a new Non-Version titled thread with the update. Hopefully will be getting to it tonight. will include all listed updates for the A17.1 B9 prefab. I'm... very much considering... doing a notable addition to this prefab and turning it into a dungeon crawl style akin to TFP's Dungeon crawl style POI's. It's definitely big enough to support it... Any thoughts making this POI more of a dungeon crawl would be greatly appreciated.

                            Note: A16 version of the prefab remains unchanged and in good working order.
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                              If you ruin it making a dungeon style, please also keep the original version. Thanks.

                              /Hate d style