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    Version 1.11

    Happy new year!

    Based on the idea from dynamis_dk, I added an option to render the biome map. Big thanks to the Fun Pimps for outputting these files with the current random gen!

    There's also a new option to render the prefabs. This option needs to know the folder, where 7 Days to Die is installed (I call this directory "game folder" or "game root"). Please check the settings and choose your installation folder.

    As the names of the prefabs easily overlap each other, I also added new bigger TileSizes. The picture above is made witch "DoubleSize". Please be aware, the resulting picture is limited to about 20000 by 20000 pixel. You will get an error message, if the TileSize is to big. To create larger images, I would have to reprogram the whole thing.


      No issues here, thanks for updating. HNY!


        Thanks, Bubo. Feedback is always appreciated, especially the good one.


          Hi DorHas. Thanks for creating this tool.

          I have started encountering an error on my latest world when I select the 'Draw waypoints' option though.

          System.IO.IOException: Cannot locate resource 'resources/png/ui_game_symbol_gyrocopter.png'.
          Is this something that can be easily fixed?

          Otherwise the rest of the tool works nicely for me Well done!


            Hi Anatinus,

            thanks for reporting this issue. I simply fogot the symbol for the gyrocopter, sorry. Made a new release version 1.11.2020.0206.



              Fantastic work DorHas, great to see a dev taking onboard suggestions. It was actually a friend at work was looking for a tool to do the same and he noticed my post so asked me about it this morning so I came to take a look... I'll admit I haven't been checking back as I've not been playing for a while but we've setup a new server and I'll certainly give this another look.

              I actually managed to replicate the functionality in powershell, reading all .map files for a given rendom gen save folder read and mapped out over biomes.jpg with discovered area overlaid and prefab info on top. I'll take a look at the code you've used for your prefab mapping as its much cleaner than my version. You look to have got the box sizes perfect around each perfab so I'm keen to sneak a look how thats been done

              Keep up the great work


                Would it be possible to add a search feature ? ie say i wanted to find a traders on a RWG map, type in the word trader and its would somehow (maybe in bold text ? ) show on the map where they would be ? Thanks


                  Loving the map viewer so far but I'm not seeing POIs or Prefabs. Might it be because I'm pointing it at Darkness Falls and is thus incompatible?