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    Firstly, the subscription button is useless.

    I've been working at it for a while, and I believe I've deciphered the region files (not the chunk data though).

    I know that each chunk has a timestamp associated with it. That can help you figure out the activity of each chunk.

    What I want to achieve is enable you to load a region file into memory (about 10MB, nothing much), go through the chunks (I can read and open them, I just haven't tried to make sense of the data) and do whatever you want with them.

    Once you're done, you just save the region file where you want.

    I've noticed two things about region files though. As you modify chunks further and further in game, they grow in size, but it's due to the fact that, once chunk size goes over a threshold, it gets copied to the end of file leaving the original data as junk. Also, due to an oversight in the code, each chunk has additional 4KB of blank data I can remove. That's 4MB per region. I do both of these automatically when saving the region file.

    Using those two methods I took a 25MB region file and have cut it down to about 8MB, and the game still loaded it without problems.

    Anyway, I should upload a c# dll plugin by the end of the week with which you should be able to do things I said above. Not that this is a meta-tool, not a tool, not yet. Main goal is to enable people to include this functionality in their programs, it cannot be used by itself.

    Once it's up, if you have any questions, we'll talk.

    As for what you want, you'd have to write a small module in C# that will iterate through all the region files and clean them the way you specify. You could also create backups. If you don't know how and it's nothing complicated, I could write it for you. You would then have AutoIT run it when you want.
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      Single player

      Is this work with single player mode? I mean if i left a mine long time ago far far away, would it be restarted to normal ground?


        Originally posted by 7788 View Post
        Is this work with single player mode? I mean if i left a mine long time ago far far away, would it be restarted to normal ground?
        It does, you don't even need to leave the mine, you just need to have an LCB within your home region and not within the mine's region, or use the region calculator tab and reset only the mine's region.


          Hello ;-)

          I love the idea of this tool but I can't seem to get it to work. I think it's the way my server host ( names serveradminlive.xml and serverconfiglive.xml I point to the files but its not working.
          I'm including a pic of BARC and my server file tree in hopes it will help you.

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            Your two xml files are fine, there's something it doesn't like about that seed path and I'm not sure what. You could try connecting with something like winSCP ( to verify the exact path; also it is case sensitive.

            I'm always happy to help via Steam \ \ TS if you want


              Hello I'm sorry it took so long to get back to you. I accessed the path with filezilla and on a side note, I had to set the 'inactivity time' to off before filezilla would connect, though it only took a sec to actually hook up. Here is the path to my game folder


              Thank you so much for your help! ;-)
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                "//CindyM@" this is a cmdline representation of your site and shouldn't be needed within BARC.

                What follows is what your server path should look like:
                "/ Gen/Paradise City"
                ^ Set your BARC directory to this and see if that field turns green. (minus the quotes)
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                  "^ Set your BARC directory to this and see if that field turns green."

                  It worked!! Thank you so very much for your help. What a wonderful time-saving program. Thank you!





                      The webpage used to verify the version had an unexpected change which prevents all previous versions of BARC from working. This results in a fatal error when you launch the application.

                      Please download version 20170807.1 or newer.

                      The only change in the 20170807.1 Local edition is the update verification is fixed. (Fatal Error "Variable subscript badly formatted")

                      The following changes have been made to 20170807.1 FTP edition:
                      -Update verification fixed. (Fatal Error "Variable subscript badly formatted")
                      -Extensive FTP path handling changes throughout the entire application. (thx lucerat, more testing also needed for alkad servers, cleans the source code for me and anybody else that reads it.)
                      -Backup paths have changed from "..\Players" to "..\Player", and "..\Archives" to "..\Archive". (For consistency with game and archive directories.)
                      ***You will need to manually delete the old folders with "s"; I'm not going to script this because they could contain backups you want to keep.
                      -Backup and archive path variables are reworked to make the code easier to read and edit. (helps me, you won't notice a difference.)
                      -Player Archives now fully wipe-out when you start a new Player Cleanup. (This was not the original design but is needed for a returning player who fails to archive a second time.)
                      -Removed a diagnostic popup message while backing up region files that was only intended for testing. (Sorry!)
                      -Misc Backups now have the file names trimmed in the Action Report to exclude the file path. (This was copied from the local edition.)
                      -Localization support added. (A first draft of Russian has been included - Thx again to lucerat for his help with this) *Please let me know if you'd like to help with other languages or improving current languages. More improvements are planned for how languages are handled by the application.


                      FTP edition 20170807.2 is a minor change to both the application and the language pack for a formatting typo and how it was handled

                      Please don't hesitate to report bugs, annoyances or give feedback!

                      I am so sorry for any inconvenience with the old versions unable to run. This will be better fixed in a future patch so it doesn't happen again. Thanks for understanding
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                        Thank you ;-)


                          7D2D BARC (FTP) Beta 20170810.1.exe is available on my amazon drive and includes the following changes:
                          -Version checking is more robust against website failures. (see latest stable patch notes above too)
                          -New lines of dialogue added to the language pack for the above version checking change.
                          -EULA now matches your current language when you click Apply.

                          And the biggest change :
                          -You can now schedule the BARC executable in your Windows Task Scheduler
                          example: "7d2d BARC (FTP).exe /Backup" ; or -Backup (not case sensitive)
                          /Backup is the only command currently available unless there's enough demand for a fully loaded /AutoCare or /Clean. I would also consider demand for built-in Telnet, but I am not currently planning to add it. Alternatively, I could also add the the cleaning capability but let you use one of the couple Telnet restart batch files found on the forum. Let me know what you all think of any of these ideas

                          Edit: If you're going to use the beta, please make sure your settings are correct in the GUI, including desired autocare checkboxes *before* trying the /backup feature. Also it should still pop msgboxes if/when things fail
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                            does this work via SSH or SCP. I use putty and WinSCP to access everything. Not FTP.


                              Originally posted by SARTAN View Post
                              does this work via SSH or SCP. I use putty and WinSCP to access everything. Not FTP.
                              The remote version is only native FTP so it doesn't require any other tools, but you would need to allow the protocol and give creds.

                              I'm going to go out on a limb and assume you have a local linux server?

                              The local version isn't anything more than a simple file transfer, it can still connect to a linux server with '\\server\folder\myseed\' if you use samba or you could mount a drive letter and set your barc paths to look at something like 's:\folder\myseed\' and it won't know the difference.

                              More to your non-FTP needs; I don't actually promote this since I've never used it, however this tool looks capable of mounting an SFTP connection as a drive: - It looks like it costs and I've never really looked into it, but I'd bet there's other free tools for doing this. Note* If you are using linux on your LAN then this is overkill.

                              I may have went way off course from your question and situation? If so, sorry for assuming
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                                It is a shame, but with 16.4 b8 the local server version of this utility seems to be broken. It reset player files instead of the region data. Luckily, I had a backup to restore.