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    Umm I think its Dwallorde that made that mod & wouldnt know what to ask for ..... Thanks for the info ill just hope he adds it to his mod at some point as it would make the game better not having thing all go to inventory....


      Thanks for this "Invtweak" like in Minecraft

      Is there a other version without SDX? I cant install SDX launcher (works only win7 oder 10 but not 8, wrong networkversion needet). And drag and Drop doesnt workd.
      (Big modpacks work for drag n drop but not this Tool or make i a mistake?)

      Enybody knowing there is a mod for check what is in the chest and what is in the inventory - click all stuff who was the same in chest and inventroy is now in the chest thing?

      Looting is the half time, the other half time are to sorting the stuff in all the chests.
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        Is there any version for A17?