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    Originally posted by manux View Post
    Ok thanks, but this seems to still replace the whole string, right? At least that's what it looks like in NoAmmo, and from the quick tests I did.

    I would like to be able to insert a new item in the string without specifying the whole thing, because if multiple mods add items to the same string value, they will step on each others feet. The @value='"" won't even find anything anymore if the string has already been modified.
    We would need a new type of xml instruction that appends inside a value, which would use a method that converts the existing string to a list, appends the new string to it, and reconverts the list to a new string before setting it in the xml...

    By the way, there is a small compile bug with the Neon Signs mod.

    Easy to fix by adding a 3rd argument to the failing method, but it's a bit weird that it fails, because when you look in dnSpy, the 3rd argument is optional.

    Also, I'd really like some clues about why Localization doesn't work for me, does it really work on your side?
    It never worked for me in all the SDX versions I tried. I have my Localization.txt file in a 'Text' folder like all other mods. And it actually doesn't work for any of the mods I downloaded, not just mine.

    I know this is old but can I get a hand in fixing this issue with the Neon mod?

    thank you in advance