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Alpha 17b240 Quick Guide to Creating a ‘7 Days To Die’ world from an external image.

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    Might not be hooked up yet?


      Agree, thought the same. Thanks. Btw joined your Discord. Cheers :-)




          The dll isn't working for me i think because of the 17.2 update. i tried using it with the stock and i still have blocks after smoothing everything


            Don't need it anymore.


              Originally posted by Guppycur View Post
              Don't need it anymore.
              Im unable to get it to smooth anything. i did smoothworldall 5 noregion and it looks exactly the same so i tried smoothworldall 150 nothing changed. Am I missing something? sorry still new to all of this.


                I didn't have any luck with it either, so I don't do mine the way he does his.

                I get the heightmap, import into Photoshop, export as a .raw and go from there. I never go into the world editor. I use gaussian blur to smooth areas directly to the .raw file.


                  Thanks guppy I’ll try to mess around with that


                    Originally posted by Swolk View Post
                    Thanks guppy I’ll try to mess around with that
                    Give this a whirl, but be warned, I fuggup a lot and TFP will likely change things (this is 17.1b9, no clue if it works in 17.2bwhatever)



                      subbed thanks a lot!



                        My friends and I have been running a ded server since December last year and I recently got interested in creating our own world to play on.
                        I'm pretty new to the whole editing game files thing, but I'm slowly but surely getting the hang of it.

                        I managed to create the world from some height maps, which went pretty smooth thanks to Guppycur's videos on YouTube. I did encounter one problem tough, I want all levels below 20 to be filled with water. I changed the water_info.xml file accordingly (set all Y positions to 20), but in some places in game I get this random straight area where the water just cuts off (see screenshots below).

                        Can anyone help me with what I'm doing wrong or missing?



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                          I could be wrong about this but check and see if there is a minx and maxx value in your xml. If so, remove it. It basically tells the water where to stop. That may be what's happening.

                          - - - Updated - - -

                          Here is an excerpt from my pinned messages on my discord:

                          How to use water_info.xml

                          ...find a spot you want water to be in, choose a low point.

                          Edit the water_info.xml file and enter in those coordinates, and the water height. So if you find

                          1500 (east), 19 (height), and -120 (south), you can create a lake that's 11 high by using:
                          <Water pos="1500, 30, -120"/>

                          ...this will create water in every direction from that point at a height of 30, thus "filling" your lake.

                          You can use minx, maxx, minz, maxz to edit its limits, but I honestly wouldn't go poking around with that, since water flows and if you screw up it's going to kill your frames while it adjusts to the terrain


                            I tried the above but still no success... I changed the height to 40 to see if it differs, still the same. I'm deleting the region files after every test, so it cant be that.

                            Here's whats in my water_info.xml with the resulting screenshot:

                            <Water pos="0, 40, 0" />


                            Note: The funky edges are just my resolution due to the distance (my PC's graphics aren't the greatest), but those long straight lines are all areas where the water just disappears.
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                              There might be an internal limit. Maybe keep the 0 one and add a 1024, 40, 1024 and a 2048, 40, 2048, and keep going adding 1024 until you reach map size.


                                I tried that now,

                                First it gave me an Error - (IndexOutOfRangeException) - turns out you can only go up to half the map size in the positive and negative direction, which in hindsight makes sense. So on a 4K map your coordinates can only run from 2048 to -2048.

                                I tried adding several coordinate ranges in all directions (N/S/E/W) and also included coordinates from specifically the empty areas... No luck... Still looks the same.

                                I then added the water_info file from Navezgane into my file. Also nothing.

                                Strange enough, the lines onlu form in an East-West direction...

                                This breaks my head.