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Modlets and Modding on Mac OS X Mojave

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    Modlets and Modding on Mac OS X Mojave

    Here is a guide to doing 7 days to die things on the Mac with OS X Mojave.

    Mod Folder

    The `Mods` folder is where you place your Mods and Modlets to play with 7 days. The `Mods` folder can be accessed a few different ways.


    - open a finder window
    - hit cmd-shift-g
    - enter `~/Library/Application Support/Steam/steamapps/common/7 Days To Die`

    If there is not a folder named 'Mods', then create one in the finder with cmd-shift-N.


    - open a terminal window
    - `cd ~/Library/Application\ Support/steam/steamapps/common/7\ Days\ To\ Die/`
    - `ls -l`

    If there is not a folder named 'Mods', then create one in terminal with 'mkdir Mods'

    Config Files

    The vanilla config files can be found at `~/Library/Application Support/Steam/steamapps/common/7 Days To Die/`.


    If you are doing a lot of xml and xpath things, then I recommend the following tools.


    xmllint can check your modlet xml for basic syntax errors such as mismatched elements or invalid characters.

    - open terminal
    - navigate to your modlet config folder (e.g. `MyCoolMod/Config`)
    - run `find . -name "*.xml" | xargs xmllint --noout`

    If there are no errors the output will be empty. Examples of common errors:

    Bad element tag (no ">" at the end)

    ./Config/XUi/windows.xml:23: parser error : expected '>'
    Missing closing / tag.

    ./Config/XUi/windows.xml:22: parser error : Premature end of data in tag configs line 1

    Thanks for adding this. Additionally, if you are using unity to make things that you want Mac clients to see the objects textures properly, but sure to use the correct unity export script. Find out more here:


      Can anyone list mods that will work on iMac, and tell me how to install them?


        Mods work in game, here people speak of tools to create mods.
        I use my Intellij Idea to manage xml files, but it is something I already possess for most people it is unnecessary expensive overhead.