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    Biome & Road Painter PSD

    I made a file to help with painting your biomes.png and splat map for making custom maps In Photoshop.
    I made the file size for 8192x8192 but you can resize the canvas to whatever you need.
    Instructions are in the first layer of the file.

    -Automatic Dithering for biomes
    -Automatic Gravel around roads.

    Download Link:

    I use this; takes a bit of understanding layers in PS, but nothing rocket sciency...'s great. Makes things super easy. =)


      Thanks for the Guppy seal of a approval. =)
      and thank you for pointing out the Desert, Wasteland mix up before i posted it. I swapped those labels around and its all good now.


        Roads Ive been able to easily in, but biomes not so much. Im fairly certain it would work with the right presets, no luck yet. Im sure it could be done in Krita, but im awful with Krita, so im going to keep trying with


          Thanks for this BeatKidz. I've been using a color-picker from a 7d2d-generated biomes.png, and having terrible luck.

          Has anyone tried this since 17.3? I'm just trying starting yesterday, so I don't know if the problem is me or not.

          I'm using an old version of Photoshop 7.0, but I don't think 8-bit png spec has changed.

          However, no matter how many times i check and double-check, in photoshop, or paint, or anything else, my colors are correct (ex. forest is 0,64,0)

          But when I try to gen my world, console spits errors continuously that it doesn't recognize biome color RGBA 0,56,0,255. I'm not using an alpha layer, so the 255 seems normal. Testing with burnt woods, it likewise reports unrecognized RGBA 180,0,255,255. I check my file and my purple is 186,0,255,255, as it should be.

          I've used your file as a base, as well as indexing colors to force any discrepancies. Nothing is working.

          Wondering if something changed with 17.3 ?

          Edit: You know what? It's PS7.0

          I tried pulling the 7d2d-generated biome file, opened it, color-picked green (0,64,0,255). Change to pencil, full opacity, size 1, no dithering, etc. Painted 1 white pixel to green. Save, swap in to world. Load 7d2d. Throws errors on every green pixel (0,56,0,255).

          Guess I need to try Krita. I refuse to pay what Adobe asks to rent Photoshop per month these days. I miss being able to actually buy productivity-related software and owning it forever.

          Yes, I'm old. I got the student discount on PS7.0 when it was new.
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            So good news. I got a work-around.

            It seems to be something to do with how PS 7.0 saves the color profile on png files. I can't find a way to fix or disable it, but I can load the final image into Krita, and just re-save it, and that fixes everything. So, I can still use BeatKidz nice template.

            Thanks again BeatKidz!


              So, I've spent more time than I care to say on trying to make a custom biome image to use (A17.4). I've downloaded and used this template and read other threads on how to make the biome, including the specific hex codes and I still cannot get it to load without errors. I have taken other biome images and used them and they work fine. I try to edit and/or resize a known working one and then it throws errors. Something during the save process is causing it, I think, but I have no idea what it is and I have tried it on 6 different editing programs (Photoshop Elements (old version), Irfanview, Paint, 3D Paint, Paintshop Pro & Krita). Can someone please help guide me to a solution? If using Krita, let me know the save properties I should use when saving the PNG file. I'll find and download another editing program if need be, except for PS because I'm po and would have to use non-legit means to obtain it, lol.


                I'm going to give you a cheat. Download the nitrogen map generator. It's in the tool section here. It has a tool folder called biome fixer or something. Run your biome file through it. You're welcome. :-)


                  DUDE! I already have that downloaded and have been using it to generate maps but never paid attention to the tools folder. Thanks for the heads up, appreciate it! On my way to try it out!


                    Cool beans; I run mine through it anyway just because it's quicker than the chance of mind being bad and having the game crash and having to reload it.


                      Just noticed this utility, I'll check it out later.
                      Only just started to think about editing a biome.png file. I like the way that Nitrogen generates a map but not that it reduces the burned and wasteland biomes so much.
                      Changing the biome.png file is the way to resolve that.
                      I have been using and even tho I have used the correct colors to change the biomes the file is still a problem when used.
                      But I had found the biome fixer tool within Nitrogen and that corrects the colour issue and so the file will then work.
                      I'll see if I can get an older copy of Photoshop to work, perhaps.
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