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Quest - progress and Failure...

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  • Quest - progress and Failure...

    So I noticed that if I fail a quest and go back to the trader it won't give me that quest again. it also shows the quest as RED in my quest log.

    I failed because of Server restart or I left the area. I should get an option to do the quest again. some of them are a lot of fun. maybe less or lower reward?

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    Can you highlight it and cancel it from your list?


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      Originally posted by Roland View Post
      Can you highlight it and cancel it from your list?
      I tried that and just tried it again after restarting the server as well. this is 17.3 B18

      it has a RED X and tis a "Tier 3 Hidden Cache quest for House_old_gambrel_03 this is the house with Grace and super corn


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        Just in case you are unaware: It seems that every trader gives you their own set of quests, starting with tier 1. So it's not like you have only 1 set of quests from tier 1 to 5. In that regard, loosing a few should not really matter, there usually are at least half a dozen traders on a map. At the very least.


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          I understand what you are saying but I should be able to DELETE a quest even if it is failed.


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            Have you gone back to the trader and opened the trade inventory screen? Maybe that will clear it.


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              @Roland - yes I have. I still see it as RED and failed in my list and not on his listed. I will check another trader.


              (edit added comment by QA Tester-unholyjoe)

              tested verified issue and reported.


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                That failed quests are in the log just like completed quests are does not sound like a bug at all.

                The quests that a trader offers refresh after a while, not instantly.


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                  @Gazz - some of the quest that I failed are gone, this one is not gone from my quest log. so IMO that is a bug.

                  Now Quest Dynamics and how they should work - that is a beer conversation.

                  Also what is the thinking behind the quest mechanics? for example:
                  1. I get a quest
                  2. I start the quest (click on exclamation mark
                  3. Server restart - Quest fails - expected behavior quest state would be saved
                  4. I log out - Quest fails - expected behavior quest state would be saved
                  5. I leave quest area - quest fails - as per quest parameters
                  6. I get killed - Quest fails - not sure about this one. I guess it its a failure.

                  Maybe add a time limit to the quest once started? maybe I am use to questing in WOW
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                    Originally posted by Lonestarcanuck View Post
                    6. I get killed - Quest fails - not sure about this one. I guess it its a failure.
                    This brings up something I've been meaning to test but haven't yet gotten around to.
                    When you die while on a quest, do you fail because you died or because re-spawning takes you out of the area?
                    So, if I was willing to temporarily give up my safe spawn point, could I place a sleeping bag within the quest area to ensure that "quest failure" would not add insult to injury if I buy the farm while looking for the courier's satchel?


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                      I was able to remove the failed quest from my log.

                      Alas, I also had to remove the current one as well. They were the same POI, but from a different trader.

                      I suspect, that before taking a NEW quest to the same place you just failed, you have to REMOVE the old failed one.
                      Emphasis on remove as that's the option, not delete.

                      Not intuitive of course.

                      (that was the first one I'd failed, so had no clue about what to do with it)

                      yes, posted it to bug thread.


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                        So, in the name of science I put down my bedroll in the middle of a clear/fetch mission and then swallowed some broken glass.
                        Apparently, dying is the fail condition regardless of where you respawn.
                        Also of note - when I logged out in the middle of a mission, the mission was reset and I had to start over again when I got back in.


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                          Also of note, if you have 2 quests in the same POI, it apparently won't let you do them back to back. I was able to do the second one after turning the first one in, but I didn't just turn it in and go right back, so I don't know if there's a cooldown or some such.

                          Regardless, would be nice to be able to just do them back to back.


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                            I had a few failed quests myself and also tried to delete them from the log but I had no joy either