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Joel, TFP, we love ya but your PvP is showing..

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    I loved PvP when the game first came out, until my underground bunker got rocketed by hackers with spawned in items. Never played it again.


      Originally posted by Scyris View Post
      Naw, pvp playerbase is always much MUCH lower than the pve playerbase in any game that has both modes. Thats just a fact of gaming in general. Games like fortnite BR do not count as its 100% pvp.
      I'm thinking about several problems with that statement.

      Fortnite was a pve game long before pvp mode. It was pvp mode whcih made it famous (sadly IMO). I was eagerly waiting for Fortnite when it was under development, bc it was a coop survival game. The PvE part got screwed with the terrible purchase card system, and then everything went crap with the pvp mode (for me). But it does have a pve mode, the original game was even only pve. And it still got it's glory with the pvp. So what you say doesnt make sense

      There are other examples like ARK and similar games. Those games could be played pve, but are mostly played for pvp. Granted, it's because their pve content sucks, which is what makes 7d2d so awesome.


        Originally posted by vedrit View Post
        Why does there even have to be any PvP? I'm kinda irked that whenever there's a big survival game, there has to be PvP. Can't we try to survive the endless hordes without trying to kill each other?
        Because 7d emerged at time where all the vaporware zombie survival pvp games came out and people demanded it here as well.


          I loved pvp in this game,played pvp for like a year but problem is that mostly your's base get raided when you are offline,which is not fun tbh.And yes there are many bugs to exploit,I tried pve after that,which was easy as I expected,fun for new players or those who just chill with friends and like building(don't want to offense anyone,as I know most people's like pve).Then I tried mods,first I tried starvation in aplha 16 and Now I play Darkness falls as starvation is no more.I love playing with these mods,as they are challenging and fun.Let Devs make this game gold then Pvp will be balanced.


            Originally posted by Nauman Marwat View Post
            I loved pvp in this game,played pvp for like a year but problem is that mostly your's base get raided when you are offline,which is not fun tbh.
            This is a fundamental problem of many online PvP games. There is always someone on the server who is online when everyone else is offline. I wouldn't be surprised if there are players who intentionally choose servers that are in other time zones just to have an advantage.

            In my opinion, PvP only works in games where direct combat is the main focus.
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