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Two ideas (problemes) for the current Game

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  • Two ideas (problemes) for the current Game

    Hi Guys,

    i have two Problems with the current Game, the first is when you fighting small enemys like Dogs and Crawler in plains or thomething like that, you end up hitting the gras insted the enemy you wonna hit.
    I think it would be nice when it would be impossible to hit gras with meele weapons.

    And the second one is a glitch to chopping down trees.
    On my server the poeple dont use axes, they just take a shovel and dig under the tree und it is done.
    I think this is not the idea how it supposed to be.
    I would prefer you make the dirt block under a tree indestructible or you dont get any wood when you use a shovel to make it fall down and a third idea is that the block under the tree become a durability of 500% i.e.

    That is what i have to say and excuse my bad grammar, im going too give my best ;-)

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    Grass is broken. Heard it was being fixed.

    The tree issue has been mentioned bofore. IIRC, they stated they planned on making a root system to trees that would hinder digging under trees. And if you leave the root the trees would grow back.


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      yea both of those problems have been here for ever pretty sure they are going to do something about it the future and your grammer was good


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        Thank you guys for youre quick response.
        Im very pleased with the solutuions for the problems and im looking forward to the games future.