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    Server Hosting Inquiry

    I am looking for a better hosting service, currently I am using ping perfect and I find I am having quite a few issues with the configuration and server. Anyone currently using a decent hosting service with good support for people that just want to be able to easily configure an up to date server easily.

    Ping Perfect was terrible for me when I used them. Bluefang solutions was ok but had some road blocks when I needed to load in a .dll file for modding purposes. Host Havoc is pretty good overall if you don't have a high population. If you are looking at over 30 players you really need a dedicated server which can be costly if you rent.


      Personally I've had very few issues with PingPerfect, running them (and continue running them) for years now, across multiple games.

      As they use the common "cpanel" I find it easy to setup, to configure and get it to run, and support is normally very quick.

      I would suggest checking out if any other hosting providers have free-trials (I know PP has a 48h), and try it out. However the cpanel UI is fairly common, and presumably everything works fairly standard.

      What issues specifically are you having in configuring? When I setup a new PP server it probably takes me less than 5 minutes to configure, and start it up, simply using their tool for editing the serverconfig.xml file (that they label pingperfect.xml). I even run occasional weekend events when I stream, where I change up the settings to make it more of a challenge, and most of that time is noting down the OLD settings in wordpad so I can change it back afterwards :P

      I even made a guide a year ago of how simple this was, where you spend more time listening to my boring voice than actually configuring a server, which says a lot considering it's a 20 minute video -->

      (Full disclaimer, PP did partner with me a month or two back and is sponsoring a 7dtd server for me as a result, which was after 2 years of me paying for servers, which I still do for conan / ark)


        I used Bluefang for 7DTD and ARK and they were great. Only other service I've used for servers was ActiveGameHost, which was also for ARK. The servers weren't quite as good as Bluefang was, but I was also getting 4 servers from them for what 2 would've cost from Bluefang.

        But for just a simple 7DTD server, I'd definitely go back to Bluefang.


          PingPerfect I've never had issues with except one time and that was due to a programming error on the websites part (which i did speak to a rep from the company and informed him, hopefully it gets fixed) other than that, its always been smooth sailing with them.

          The only thing i do not like about them, is the fact I cannot upload large files to the server via there website. you need a third party FTP program in order to do so, which is not a big deal and is actually better that way.
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            TFP uses PingPerfect, and I have used BlueFang with excellent success. Not sure why atrayas had an issue with uploading a dll to BlueFang as I've never had any issues with that at all. They also provide some of the best support I've ever run into from a hosting company.

            @ZombieSurvivor Using a 3rd party program for uploading files is actually preferable over using a web interface. Not only does it allow better file management, but you get better upload speeds. FileZilla and WinSCP are the two preferred programs.

            One group that I would caution people to avoid is Survival Servers. They claim "lag-free high performance game server hosting", but literally every server I've worked with recently that had an issue with lag and performance was hosted by these guys. The games I've worked with that they were hosting were 7 Days to Die, Conan Exiles, and Ark.