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Semi New Player Looking For Advice

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    Semi New Player Looking For Advice

    So im thinking of starting to stream 7 days and would like to know what settings i should use to try and get people to follow and watch. some questions i have are as follows:

    1: what difficulty should i play on?
    2: what Xp/loot multiplier should i use?
    3: how should i go about Blood Moon range and set up Zombie Speed?
    4: Block DMG and Ai Block Dmg?
    5: Mods for the game are there any good ones and which to use

    In Advance Thanks For the help Guys im looking forward to reading your ideas for this. cant wait to see what everyone posts

    If new, try 2 hr days, set zombie block dmg to 25% and loot to 200%.
    Drop nothing on death. Air drops every 3 days, marker on.

    Pregen03 is a great map.


      Hi devio! glad to have u playing You came at the best alpha as well, the game is rly fun right now. I don't know your skill level so I don't want to assume anything but I find that, for starting out...

      1: Play on the default difficulty then pump it up as you level/aquire weapons/gear, if ur having trouble with the early game. Mind you this is very dependent on skill lvl so I don't want to assume you are a bob when you might be new but amazing at games Feel it out, start at adventurer, then turn it up.
      2: I don't use any xp booster, I wouldn't recommend it as the zombies get harder in general and on horde night based on your level/game stage. You can check out your gamestage through tab and go check out your stats. I like vanilla settings for all this but its up to you.
      3: Now this is one thing I would highly recommend if you are new, is you set the night speed to walk/jog instead of run.... at least at the start of the game. Unless you are good at dodging the zombies, you will spend your first couple of nights cooked up in a room trying not to get deleted by the ferals. I will say tho, I didn't rly start getting better at dealing with runners until I experienced them constantly but prob not the easiest thing to handle if you are new/early game.
      4: I use default. It is up to you tho, if u want to add more block dmg I wouldn't go above 200 unless you really really hate farming or any grind. Dont raise AI Block dmg unless you are comfortable, dw they do plenty of dmg to ur base I wouldn't reduce it either, it adds a really nice challenge.
      5: I am still looking for better mods There are tons out there, from maps, to complete game redesigns like Ravenhearst, I guess it depends exactly what you are looking for

      Overall, my recommendation would be to try out the vanilla settings and if you are having trouble at night then reduce their speed at night. That should be more than adequate to give you a good game experience while also helping you out since you are new. Remember to add plenty of support to your base, if they knock out pillars, it should still stand. 4+ high on ur base should hold you over at the start of the game just fine. Gl


        oops, forgot about the walk day, walk night, feral jog, horde run. (toned down a bit)

        I like to use steadman420 mods for bigger bags 'cause I'm a pakrat.


          My advice is to not start streaming until you are a little familiar with the game unless you've watched a ton of let's plays on it. Otherwise the game has a huge initial learning curve and you'll probably annoy people with simple mistakes and just not knowing that some items/mechanics even exist.

          Go on default difficulty settings and turn it up as you go along if you want. You can change every single difficulty related setting later on, you don't have to keep the settings you started the world with. They can be changed at the save select screen, just highlight the save file and to the right are the settings menus for that world.

          I would also suggest turning player block damage up so you can gather resources quicker and destroy your inevitable building mistakes faster. Personally I turn exp up but the downside to that is that it will make the game harder faster since the game-stage is tied to your level. I would suggest leaving zombie block damage where it's at, if there's no danger of zombies getting to you on horde night it makes them much less fun and repairs will be less and you will need to gather less resources and it also makes base design much less important. That may sound like a good thing at first but the end result is that it gives you less things you need to do during the week which will quickly lead to boredom. And learning good base design is not only fun to do but it's fun to watch other people do, so don't copy a perfect base design from someone else. I would leave hordes at every 7 days and turn up the day cycles to at least 90 minutes, you're going to need time to learn things.

          Mods exist and are plentiful however if you are new I would avoid them completely as all they do is add complexity to an already complex base game. Especially avoid POI mods because while there are good POIs in them there are many bad POIs in them, they're best saved for later when you've seen and done it all.
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            Originally posted by uselessjunkaccount View Post
            My advice is to not start streaming until you are a little familiar with the game unless you've watched a ton of let's plays on it. Otherwise the game has a huge initial learning curve and you'll probably annoy people with simple mistakes and just not knowing that some items/mechanics even exist.
            Well...I think this depends on the point of the show and the OP's reasons for producing it and his intended audience. Some people do get annoyed when they watch someone who makes mistakes but others love to watch new players figure things out and then there are others who live to give advice and tell the streamer what they are doing wrong.

            @OP: Are you wanting to entertain? Are you wanting to review and/or teach? Are you wanting to just have a chat room with the game as "background noise"?

            The people who will be annoyed with your less than perfect play are those who watch to improve their own game or to learn about the game or to appreciate someone who has equal or better skills than they do. But there are plenty other audience types out there who will relish your learning curve for a variety of reasons.


              When i mean Semi New player i have around 117 hours of play not really good at base design haven't put much thought into it just played for fun with a friend i know the just of game mechanics and crafting and how to get stuff. Just looking to have some fun and maybe have people laugh at my mistakes and maybe teach me things i dont know im always down to learning new tricks and traits for the game and advice is always welcome.


       just started if anyone is interested playing on warrior


                  When I first started playing 7dtd, I was already streaming, and it was a hoot to stream a new game.

                  I made mistakes, got killed a lot.

                  Much backseat driving from the audience.

                  Now, most of my deaths are either on day 1 before I get decent weapons, or falling off the damned ladder to
                  the bedrock part of the base. (falling off the roof during bloodmoon into my own spikes.. and... um...)


                    As people said, I'd leave everything on default. Just pump up the day duration to 90 or 120 minutes to give you more time to learn your way around the game. And use air drop markers on.
                    125 or 150% exp if you must.
                    Everything else would damage your experience.


                      If your plan is to just show of how a new player with no experience in the game discovers the game, just play with the default settings.

                      If not, think what you want to show because settings and things like mods depend on this decission.