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Not getting used to the zombie rage thing

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    Not getting used to the zombie rage thing

    At first i thought the game was broken after a few hits on a zombie and they started running??? I verified my 7 days to die files tried again then i found out this was a new thing in 7 days to die, my first idea was what a dumb fix to make 7 days to die a little harder. It might be more realistic but i myselve find it a game breaking change.

    It makes melee and thereby the first week a run forest run experience which i do not consider fun or entertaining at all. Getting past the initial frustration of that change and thinking how i gonna adept to that i tried several things. Bow and arrows isnt an option since you dont do much damage with a primitive bow so everything was aimed at finding a better gun. After some time i found one which made looting possible but then i ran out of ammo so once again i was stuck. I put some points into melee but then i got infected all the time because of that rage mechanic. I looked for anti biotics but potts and pills had 0 and the army hospital had 0 aswell....(a hospital without anti-biotics)

    I loved playing 7 days to die but with the rage mechanic i do not enjoy the start up fase in this game anymore, Never was big fan of the guns in this game i always enjoyed the more basic approach of melee and bow/crossbow. It feels a lot more natural to resort to these type of weapons in a survival game then guns but in 7 days to die that is no longer a viable or enjoyable experience in this game. I understand why they wanted to make it a little harder but this change makes the first few days non enjoyable, for me it this change breaks more then it does good.

    Gonna try and remove this change manually or find a modpack who does that for me because with this simple version of zombie rage i do not want to play this game anymore. There are better ways to make the game harder without loosing the fun factor.

    That's true, there are a lot of ways, but 99.9% of these ways will definitely remove the "fun" for someone else out there.


      I'm with you on the somewhat-disliking-guns bit, but here's the thing: I keep learning how to get farther without them.

      Early combat takes some creativity but there's definitely ways to dominate. Here's one way: the primitive bow isn't a high-DPS killer, but it is a stagger-er. Hit them with arrows until they stagger, often just one will do, dash up to them while they're recovering and club them in their now-predictable head. Lather, rinse; repeat as necessary. An iron club's lots better. It's easy enough to make if you don't find one, a forge takes one perk point, you s/b able to make one day 3.

      The first weeks on nomad are a breeze for me now. Rage keeps me on my toes, knowing it's possible means I have to stay careful, always always be ready to dart away (and have someplace to dart to, rule 22), but that's all it does: it makes me step up my game.


        Before you try anything else try lowering the difficulty to see if it makes the game fun for you. At Scavenger there is no rage at all. At Adventurer it is very rare.

        I’m not saying you need it easier. I’m just saying that the rage feature frequency is currently tied to difficulty so adjusting that is a very simple way to try turning it off. If it makes the game too easy then look into changing files.


          Had a serious nerd rage moment when a tourist charged and killed me. Now I keep 2 spears and a club on my tool belt.


            Originally posted by Darthjake View Post
            Had a serious nerd rage moment
            This is the true origin of the feature's name....


              To be honest, I was a little bit annoyed when I first started playing alpha 18 due to the rage mechanic but I adapted and found it extremely easy to deal with it even on higher difficulties:

              1st: Never engage more than 1 zombie at a time unless you're completely prepared

              2nd: If you happen to find more than 1 or 2 zombies around you. I advise you to immediately run and try to lure them away and take on them one by one.

              Usually 3 power attack head hits on Survivalist difficulty does the job for me but you need to be extremely accurate when doing it!

              It goes like this: 1st hit stuns the zombie, 2nd hit knocks him down, 3rd head kills him immediately WHILE he is knocked down, I do this early game using clubs because I find them extremely useful than any other weapon early game!


                Originally posted by Beo View Post
       first idea was what a dumb fix to make 7 days to die a little harder. It might be more realistic but i myselve find it a game breaking change.
                Without in any way minimizing the extreme negative effect this zombie behavior change had to OP, I submit this as exhibit #1477 in the "The Developers Can Never Win" file. Everything I don't like is a Game Breaking Stupid Change and everything I like is the One True Game Design. Repeat for everyone.

                Exhibit #1478: we kind of like the berzerk behavior, it adds a bit of variety and challenge to ranged combat. "Oooh, we got a runner!" is frequently heard during our fights. I suppose I am required to say that if they change this behavior in any way it will be a Game Breaking Stupid Change and proof that TFP does not listen to its customers! <throws toys out of pram>


                  It's reasonably balanced around the default difficulty. When you play on the hardest levels, it magnifies the difficulty quite a bit.

                  Be aware that any AOE, bleeding or burning attacks you are executing can have negative results.

                  Also be aware that zombies can rage at any damage, so if their neighbors slap them in the back of their head, or they fall from a high place, they may take it out on you even though you never touched 'em.



                    It´s a massive "oh ♥♥♥♥ no, not gonna bother with that" moment for the tons of people who do not play this for the fps part of the game. We lost our builder due to that change.

                    I don´t like the more and harder combat direction. Narrows down the playerbase.


                      While I do agree it is unnecessary, I find it laughable how slow they "run" when raged. I just started a new playthrough after a few weeks of inactivity, and perhaps it is only certain zombies, but it seems most barely jog when raged.


                        I like the feature. Combat before was a joke - none of the standard zeds presented a danger - ever. With it, early combat is much more interesting.

                        It is not difficult to deal with - all it requires is preparation and/or planning.

                        Originally posted by USSF06 View Post
                        While I do agree it is unnecessary, I find it laughable how slow they "run" when raged. I just started a new playthrough after a few weeks of inactivity, and perhaps it is only certain zombies, but it seems most barely jog when raged.
                        Rage speed is slower than a run though it does vary.


                          I have to say I immensely love the rage mechanic. I'd even have expanded on it a bit, that on "detection" zombies have a chance to sprint towards the player, and not just on hit.

                          Looking back at previous versions, daytime zombies were far too easy, an inconvenience more than anything else. With this, at least there's a spurt of Adrenalin as they rush the player suddenly.


                            Initially I thought the zombie rage thing was very annoying but that was when I first played the game. I couldn't figure out why they would sometimes run at me for a period of time. But I got used to the way the zombies fight, figured out the mechanics, and learned to expect a rage and how to react appropriately even early game and I can safely say that without it the bulk of zombies wouldn't ever be a threat. And being in danger is the fun for me. I never experienced pre A18 though so I can imagine a behavior change after acclimating to how they fight can be jarring/frustrating though.


                              I posted a wolverine build, that revolves around fists only. I go into detail on how to fist fight zombies at night.

                              The rage is easy to counter if you can learn to lunge away. Basically you can out sprint them when they sprint, if your in padded armor only. As soon as you start equipping leather or iron armour, you become a sitting duck. To lunge properly, just turn your mouse away from the zombie by 90 degrees. Then sprint off while strafing. You only need to take 2 steps and your far enough to avoid their swing. Thats when you turn around for a counter punch...

                              But agian, this doesnt work with any armor that slows you. Get a full set of padded, with armor mods and your good to go.

                              Check out my tutorial, I go into detail on talents, consumables and play style.