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Easy way to get almost all books in no time.

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    If this isn't a "huge abuse" what exactly would someone have to do that you would consider it huge?

    I won't even loot a POI before I start a quest because even that is too gimmicky in my mind.


      Originally posted by Blasphemous View Post
      Anyway, somehow this doesn't feel like such a huge abuse to me but I understand that people have different opinions
      The act of logging in and logging out are meant to allow the player to put their gameplay on pause for when real life demands attention. So...gotta go to work or time for bed? Log off. Have some time to play again? Log on.

      These acts are not meant to be part of the gameplay. There is definitely a weakness in the code that needs to be strengthened in regards to logging on and logging off but I think it is clear to anyone that the purpose of these actions is very limited and using them as you are is definitely an abuse of them.

      If you are playing single player then who cares? But like others have said you might as well just enable the creative menu.


        Originally posted by Blasphemous View Post
        Anyway, somehow this doesn't feel like such a huge abuse to me but I understand that people have different opinions
        If you do that in single player, you are at least only destroying your personal game experience not that from others.

        For me bug-using or using holes in game mechanics is the same as cheating. Same as building cheese bases just because you know how to exactly trick the ai.
        I know for some people it's fun to find out how it can be done and i can understand that, but using that in a regular playthrough just destroyes the game... why even play then.

        It's like doing wrong moves in chess and think it's ok, just because your opponent doesn't recognize it.


          I once made a suggestion about reworking how quests work to shift them from POI centric to MAP centric.

          In short (if i remember well), each POI would have its inner status and possibilities for quests (a chance to contain a hidden cache, but only once), clearing a POI (if all Zs cleared then it would stay like that), contains survivors (you have to clear it out and be sure the barricaded people survived), can be remade into a survivor camp (after clearing out you gather specified resources and give them to the NPC at the spot), etc.

          Options are endless, just implementing that would be cumbersome... Not to mention my idea about out of sight Zombie Migrations...

          With all that, you wouldn't see the same quest done in the same POI (unless a Wandering Horde stopped inside a cleared POI or some walkers roamed around it), not to mention the "reset" mechanic could go out the window.


            Originally posted by Khulkhuum View Post
            Resetting POIs to get double loot is already walking a slim line between cheat and cheese. Still, going further to reset without clearing the whole POI?

            I could argue that going through the whole building and clearing it to reset is similar to finding the same POI nearby and doing it again, mainly because you still go through the whole POI, not just the "convenient" parts. Wouldn't mind if they fixed it, although i guess it's similar to having loot respawn in 30 days or zombies respawn after some time in cleared POIs.
            Yeah I agree. May as well just activate cheat mode if your going to cheese in this way.


              Easy way to get almost all books in no time.
              Logging out and back in 10 times in a row is not exactly easy or time saving. Too much trouble for couple of books. You also get many duplicates, so that also slows down your progress on getting all the books.


                Originally posted by Gnomaana View Post
                If this isn't a "huge abuse" what exactly would someone have to do that you would consider it huge?

                I won't even loot a POI before I start a quest because even that is too gimmicky in my mind.
                There is a nuance here that I can see. Both are "cheating" to a degree but at least with repeating the quest, you do have to fight zombies again, break though walls/doors and run around looting.

                So to a degree I see it as less cheaty than using creative mode.


                  Deleted lol



                    Judging by the past, TFP might handle fixing this exploit by removing books lol


                      I'm playing another map now and I've found so many schools, mansions with libraries and crack-a-book stores that I see no need to continue with this exploit. I realized that the previous map (random gen) really had very few sources of books, maybe that prompted me to cheese them out.

                      I'm playing on a higher difficulty now with faster, more frequent and more numerous hordes, seems like there's not much time to reload the game and raid the PoI all over. Plus I set the loot to 150% to compensate for the insanely tough zombies and I have so much fun again.

                      Maybe you guys are right and it is cheating. I always liked to tread a fine line between that and using the game's mechanics to your advantage, in all the games I play. I'll refrain from doing it in the future.

                      Oh and I exclusively play single player.


                        You should play the way that is fun for you if you are playing single player. If doing your method feels to you like you are earning it more than just using the creative menu and you enjoy clearing those POIs multiple times then do it.

                        Just from an academic perspective I would call it technically abusing the log in/log out system in ways it wasn’t meant to be used but.....have fun!


                          As an Ultima 3, Might and Magic and Wasteland player on my C64 in 1988, these game were unforgiving, (I remember having saved a game in Wasteland that was at a point that I could not continue and all my characters died over and over again, so i had to restart the game from scratch which sucked) such as others like Wizardry and the Bards Tale series and you had very little save game option back then. I was unaware of the term "Save Scumming" until recently and I actually felt like I was cheating all these years later on with games like Stonekeep and Fallout 1 and 2 and that generation, I was using a lot of "Save Scumming" when I could and I used this tactic in almost every game I played from Quake to Thief to Morrowind, not overly excessive, but enough that it was destroying some of the challenge.

                          Well I hate to say it but this tactic is beyond Save Scumming, while It does not make you a bad player or anything, it seems like this is just not a way to enjoy playing the game as it was intended.

                          Don't get me wrong I have done this a few times myself. One time as I remember, I was using a code in System Shock 2 to get boatloads of rifle ammo, I was out of ammo trying to take down massive bot which was turning out to be impossible otherwise.

                          I am not attempting to judge you in this but wouldn't you rather just raid a crack a book or two and have say 3 week loot respawn. The again I guess some would think loot respawn is a form of cheating.

                          I have noticed a lot of people using the CM to spawn things for whatever reason. This is cool and all as I like to build massive bases and using the CM to do so would be an easy way to build, but I think I actually prefer to do my building in game after collecting all the massive resources I would need to build and then defend my build and continue building, I prefer that type of gameplay over just using the editor. I never think of the game in a Gary's Mod kind of way, I still treat the game as a game and what I get i get I have to find in game. Although I did make a Day of Defeat Source map in the level editor for Half Life 2 called Hammer 4.0 Editor, the same editor that Gary's Mod was used, I never finished the map with only 4 buildings and I was literally only 10% done at about 4-6 months in, then Steam deleted all of my saved editor files after I uninstalled and reinstalled steam in I think 2006, when Steam was relatively new, and I did not want to restart the map so I moved on to something else. I hated Steam for this and probably cussed them out quite a bit but I do no remember doing so.

                          Please do not think of this as "holier than thou" thing, its just my opinion.
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                            It's interesting to note how different people feel like choosing the easy mode (i.e. CM) with some things but not with others.

                            My primary sense of achievement in the game is building an impregnable base with just the materials I can collect/create.
                            Running several forges and cement mixers and excavating massive amounts of resources to make concrete has been a source of a lot of fun for me, probably because I control every aspect of the process. No need to use CM there, it would really get boring fast.

                            With books I guess I felt like occasionally the RNG would mess with me by not giving me a particular book when I needed it and there was no other way to obtain the corresponding skill so I... adjusted the RNG.
                            Anyway, as Roland pointed out, whatever is fun for you.

                            I am about to dig a 25-block deep, 5-block wide moat in my current game, to surround a 10x10 building area.
                            This will obviously require a large stockpile of gas but I'm cool with it, it's gonna protect me from the horde for many nights.
                            Anyway, back to messing around.


                              Yeah the fun for me is building in game like I would in a real life situation, where I have to jump up on a block or make a ladder or block ladder to get up to a part of my base, this means when i screw up and fall, well I take damage but its part of the game. You know a one-block-at-a-time-type-thing, after 1000s of blocks of all varieties laid down, I can see my base from afar and be proud of what I made.


                                Clearly cheating, no question. The game intention is not to endlessly reset quests by logging in and out. Just use creative mode to cheat in the books you want. It's no different than resetting the quest to get the books you want.