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    Rising World

    So, it's not exactly a "newly announced" game - it's been available for a while now. But my son, who has been playing 7DTD with me but dying a LOT (like over 100 times on the server I play on), asked about a few other games (garry's mod - seems too playgroundy for me and I don't think it would hold his interest for long since he has ADHD, and goat simulator - just no), so I set out to find a game I thought he'd enjoy, but a little less "dangerous" and a little more casual.

    I watched a bunch of Vortac vids and had Rising World on my wishlist as I liked the look and feel. After showing my son some videos, he seemed interested, so I grabbed 2 copies and we started playing.

    First 10 minutes in the game went something like this:

    Me, standing slightly downhill: "Is that you? You look huge!"
    Him: "Yeah. What are you carrying?"
    Me: "An axe. Let's get some logs."
    Him: "OK" - proceeds to chop down a tree.
    Me: "Is that a bear? I'm going to go check it out."
    Him: "OK."
    Me: "Hi Mr. Bear. [To my son] I wonder if they're like the ones in 7DTD."
    I get close enough to see the bear's facial features. It suddenly swipes at me.
    Me: "Oh ♥♥♥♥! It's an angry bear!" [running back to where my son is]
    Me: "Oh ♥♥♥♥! It's following me! Go away bear!" [laughing hysterically as I try to outrun the bear]
    Him: "Don't bring it over here!"
    Me: "Where are you?"

    I spend the next 5 minutes looking for my son while avoiding any bears. Eventually I give up and start chopping down trees to make a stand to climb so I can look a bit further without all the grass. In doing so, he hears the trees falling or something and finds me. We proceed to get a small camp set up, then go mining.

    Later, I attack a moose and it fights back, I get hurt and have to run. He attacks a goat and the goat fights back, he has to run. All in all, lots of laughs and fun.

    Anyone else have this game? Anyone have a server? Thoughts on the game so far?

    I don't have it yet but I do have it on my wishlist currently so I will be interested to see everyones feedback on this, sounds fun though!


      What can I say about it. It is in very, very, very, very early alpha. Think alpha 1 for 7 days.

      And very basic game.

      I honestly think it has very good potential, but content is limited. Worth the 15 bucks for it. Developers are working on it.

      It is way more minecrafty then 7 days. Less cut throat.

      You also might want to check out TUG.


        I just noticed i have brought the game, so at somepoint i must have been intrested in it .. but like so many steam games, a sale got me but never logged in.

        let me know what you think of it after a while playing maybe ill give it a go


          Well, my son loves Minecraft - it was his first voxel game and he still plays it on his XBox. So something that's "more Minecraft-y" isn't a bad thing in this context, but I don't think I could play a game where going uphill means hitting jump continuously, which is why I opted to not get anything "blocky". I like that it has relatively smooth terrain, and when you mine the remaining dirt / stone / whatever is still smooth.

          To be honest, I wish 7DTD's mines worked the same way and had a similar texturing to them - this game's mining is absolutely awesome in comparison - no sharp texture mangling, uses a similar Perlin Worm system for cave generation, and there are literally no flat surfaces in the caves, unless you make them using a tool.

          And what's even more amazing is the game installed is only 385MB - I know, Unity is a big and very capable engine, but Rising World uses Java - jMonkey to be exact, and to me, visually, it's pretty impressive for the size and performance.


            Originally posted by Deccypher View Post
            I just noticed i have brought the game, so at somepoint i must have been intrested in it .. but like so many steam games, a sale got me but never logged in.

            let me know what you think of it after a while playing maybe ill give it a go

            It is completely worth playing. Some people get upset that it is not PVP and you die every 3 minutes. A lot of my friends are not interested unless it is non stop slaughter.

            It is a definite buy/play. Just understand that it is very early in alpha.

            Stranded Deep is also a very good game and on the same lines.


              Well, Stranded Deep looks very good, but it just has SP, so for now, at least while looking for a co-op game to play with my kid, that one is out. It's on my wishlist though.

              Rising World is VERY casual. Like, 7DTD with no zombies at all, and no structural integrity (thus no falling gravel), and trees don't kill you type of casual. But, what it does have, is a very deep crafting and building foundation in place. There are plans for other things and more things, and considering what they have now and how well it runs even on my laptop, there's plenty of room for more.

              If you want a basic idea of how it plays, check the Vortac videos on youTube. They're a bit older - before they had a lot of the different ores and actual recipe components in place, but it'll give you an idea of how it plays.

              Hopefully they add the ability to track or a mapping system at some point. Otherwise, it's like true survival - no clue as to where you are at any given point.

              Also, they plan to add vehicles, temples, and NPC's, but no idea how long that'll take. If you can catch it on sale, it's worth a purchase, if you don't mind the slower pacing.


                ill probbly play some on sunday .. tommorrow ill be at a mocap studio most of the the day. and tonight i got to finish the temple of doom on our server


                  Awesome looking game and the devs seem to be very active!


                    I just found out that Rising World has a truly EXTENSIVE cave system (e.g.,