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  • Hunger / Stamina Penalty

    Loving A17 so far. Still not sure on the new perk system (prefer the previous way of using an item and getting better with that item or running and getting fitter) but I'm reserving my judgement on it until I've played for a while and really explored it.

    What is really annoying me, particularly in the early game (it's day 5) is the penalty for hunger. 1% of hunger is 1% less stamina? That sucks.

    I think it should be scaled so the higher your hunger, the less total effect, something like:
    10% hunger = 2% stamina drop
    50% hunger = 33% stamina drop
    until 100% hunger = 100% stamina drop.

    It also scales so if you do put points in extra stamina, you still lose the same in terms of percentage. If you ever get stamina up to 200, a 10% hunger drop (easily done given how quickly my hunger falls when chopping up boulders) would be 20 less stamina.

    Rant over. As you were.

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    I agree the scaling feels off. With stamina being such a precious resource, you kind of have to keep yourself satiated close to 100% unless you don't mind being seriously gimped in both running, mining and combat. Feels like I have to eat half a horse a day. Your system would allow for some leeway without making food something that can be safely ignored for long.


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      There should really be no stamina penalty until you are at 2/3 or less hunger.

      It does need to be adjusted somehow to make it feel right, in its current state I like the idea of it but the application needs adjusting.


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