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    Windows [Website]I hate this sites text editor

    I hate the 7Days forum texting box.

    It never post things the way they're seen in the box before hitting post. Often moving indents, removing spaces that I implemented as indents, or downright jumping around and deleting things that had bold or just in general ♥♥♥♥ing with the way I'm trying to lay things out during typing, or after hitting post.

    It makes me want to pull my hair out sometimes just submitting a single bug report for a17.4

    With very simple text it's less noticeable, but when you need links, indents, and just in general formatting that isn't as simple as a short text that doesn't need to look good, then it becomes h ell

    for example:

    this gave me at least 3 times where I explicitly remember typing something in bold, and then later on, when typing something else, I hit backspace a few times and somehow the cursor jumps back to the bold text and erased it.
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    everything is fine, what are you talking about?


      The only issue I've had recently, is that if I highlight a word to replace it I can't type there. I have been able to narrow that down to my browser, and possibly a conflict with an extension I'm using.

      As far as advanced formatting goes, I use it quite often, and haven't had any issues. I do know that some people with a non-standard (US 104/105-key) keyboard layout have issues with some characters not displaying properly.


        Originally posted by Data View Post
        everything is fine, what are you talking about?
        as i said in the OP, small messages are less noticeable. please be considerate before replying.
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          like this post is the most recent one i remember having at least 3 issues, but only clearly remember 2 of them.

          1) I typed the word "fix" in bold on a previous iteration, and then disabled the bolding when I was done with that word. typed a few more things out, and had to backspace something out. When i hit backspace, the cursor jumped back to the end of the bold word, and erased it.

          2) I intentionally put 4 spaces to the left of some of the xml code, and it erased them.

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