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How to Fix / Increase Your FPS Guide A18

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    Sorry about having no idea where should i post my opinions on this forum.
    Also, guys, sorry for being mad, but while development goes forward game becames totally unplayable.
    Started to play with A9, we bought about 5-7 copies of 7dtd, most of us has 2gb-4gb past century) mid-end videocards (very vary, from gtx760 to rx570-580), has up to 32gb memory (8gb +, most of us has 32gb ddr3 1833+) and CPUs with minimal of i7-3770. I know it's not a top PCs - they even not actual for 2020. But performance issues started since A13-A14 killing all the game experience we had before.
    I know guys you're all doing great job with continuing developing game mechanics / bringing us new things.
    But for years performance becames this game killer
    Since A14-A14 released, our game spend hours reduced by almost 90%, since it's hard to play scary looking (on low settings. it's since u know this game really may look a looooot better) or hard lagged game.

    Game may becames `less-more` playabble if i set up texture size to 'eight' or 'half', all other settings doesn't really affects performance, but it's looks that `texture quality` + `rendering distance` on open landscapes is most game performance affecting thing.
    I tried a lot of settings combos, like settings all of `gfx` commands listed on forums. Yes, `gfx af enable 0` gives some FPS boost, but it's about 3-4 fps, that isn't matter when fps drops to 15-20.
    But the game becames really ugly looking and scary

    p.s. And, yes, i know that 2gb video RAM is not enought in 2020 to even draw draft textures on the walls, but those high gpu requirements it's just waste of money and resources
    Especially when you are playing just 2-3 games , like 7DTD and some outdated MOBAs like HON.


      It annoys me that we can't completely remove/turn off this smoke/wind in a winter and desert biome. People who have a more powerful computer deliberately there are their bases and they can not be killed because of the advantage in the power of the computer.

      These changes do not change anything for me on the server.
      "<ParticleEffect prefab="ParticleEffects/p_sandstorm" ChunkMargin="7"/>"
      "<ParticleEffect prefab="ParticleEffects/p_smokestorm" ChunkMargin="7"/>"
      "<ParticleEffect prefab="ParticleEffects/p_snowstorm1" ChunkMargin="7"/>"

      Tell me someone please is there a way or method to remove smoke, fog, wind, I do not know what it is exactly called. Even if this method is not fair to other players.