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Random disconnection/crash on randomgen server

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    Windows Random disconnection/crash on randomgen server

    Greetings fellow survivors.

    I'm actually playing on a dedicated server that a group of friends put together, on a randomly generated map (8kx8k). The issue is, every 45 minutes or so, there is a random chance that my game will stop responding when I try to access my inventory or open a container. It'll result either in me being disconnected and taking forever to go back to said server, or the game crashing, and my pc taking forever to recover from it.

    I don't have a high end rig (quite the opposite actually), but I didn't have any issues playing on Navezgane. At first I thought that the size of the map and the fact that it's randomly generated would be the cause, but it's not a matter of "too many entities or buildings", since it only happens when I'm trying to access inventory stuff. Blood moons are fine as well. Maybe the new items icons are too high quality for my poor old PC? Or maybe just a memory leak, but it's difficult to see while playing the game...

    Anyway, if anyone has ever experienced that and knows how to fix it (if it's even possible), I'd greatly appreciate that.

    Specs, if needed. Who knows, right? (not for the faint of heart, you've been warned)

    Intel Core i7 870
    8gb RAM DDR3
    1gb GeForce GTX 650Ti

    Without a log, I would guess memory is the problem. What's your swap file set at?


      Just from what you have said alone and the specs of your GPU. The issue is not enough vram and if I had to guess (based off what I have seen in my own game) when you open the inventoy it freezes due to lack of vram for the high res icons. try turning down your textures all the way to the lowest possible setting and I bet that will reduce the amount of freezes and crashes. I doubt it will stop because you only have 1gb of vram. Time for an upgrade. I am honestly shocked you can run this game to be honest.
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        Haha, I'm gonna be honest, I didn't think it would work either. But minus the issues that I mentioned, it runs fairly well. Of course most of the graphics settings are set to the minimum, apart from texture quality and a couple of others. I tried to lower it even further, but I end up with a blurry game where I can't tell the difference between normal and feral zombies, or between a garbage bin and a computer (mine is actually both, but that's not the point). Much less enjoyable.

        But okay, that's what I thought then. I was hoping for a solution that wouldn't require me to go even lower on the settings, but I was probably delusional. An upgrade is planned, but not the top priority right now.

        Thanks for the answer!


          Yeah, 100% a VRAM issue. 2GB VRAM is the minimum, but I think it needs to be increased to 4GB after the A18 release.


            Truly beginning to get somewhat irritated at the irregular separates with the open servers. At whatever point I play a private server with two PCs in a similar house on a similar home system, it never disengages.

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