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Do I need a Hardware upgrade?

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    I might also be worth making sure Microsoft didn't override your GPU drivers with their garbage drivers as that can probably greatly impact performances.


      Originally posted by Pichii View Post
      I legit helped my friend with this same issue on a 1070 yesterday. (He also runs a 4 core amd build)
      Another person on the forums with a new 5000 series card.
      If this information did not help you; my apologies.
      It had helped people who were not you in the past.

      Thanks for the flag for false info? lol.

      If you genuinely turned those settings off and got WORSE FPS; my guess is that you actually have a configuration error on your GFX card again, I would assume your GFX card by default is overriding the game settings and this can piss 7d2d off and get weird frame rates.

      The FPS that you claim are atypical of a 4core AMD build and thus, problem exists in your configs.
      Best of luck with your trouble.
      lol I'm not having any issues friend. I always know how to handle graphics setting etc. Could you post a video showing the results of your game in full screen vs windowed as proof it actually works. Thanks man.


        Originally posted by Fox View Post
        I might also be worth making sure Microsoft didn't override your GPU drivers with their garbage drivers as that can probably greatly impact performances.
        Yeah updating my driver's might help too


          windowed mode makes sense for stuttering issue on Macs and also somehow boosts performance, but I still have no clue why. About Micro and Soft can't say much but the commented above by Fox, i3 is an intel version of crap and an ssd is really recommended to run this game smoothly.


            I have a GTX 1080 and oddly have the same Vram as your GTX 1070 and I recently built a new PC with a i7 9700k and 32GB DDR4 3000 and I run on all high settings at a solid 60FPS in 1080, yeah that's useless information I know but what I want to add is that when I have a small app such as winamp or even Netflix in a browser I seem to drop to a solid 33FPS, this seems a bit odd but it is confirmed when I exit the game and close the app and resume the game at 60FPS again, so you GPU is probably not an issue for the most part.

            So I would suggest a CPU upgrade seeing how my old CPU was a huge bottleneck for my GTX 1080 and with the CPU upgrade it made my GTX 1080 shine the way it should have.

            I would agree that a i7 8700K or the i7 9700K would be a great upgrade, the 1155 (300 series) boards are not too expensive, but I would go with the Z390 chipset if you could, I got a Gigabyte Aorus Pro for about $180.00 and RAM is cheap enough as well these days. You could go with a M.2. Nvme SSD like the Samsung Evo 970 for about $100.00

            So a RTX 2070 is about $400.00 but the CPU, Motherboard, Memory combo would be about $700.00 not including CPU cooling and for another $100.00 you could get a Nvme SSD. Then later on you could upgrade to a RTX 30** when they come out. I guarantee the 8700K and the 9700K will get you a solid 60FPS on all high settings.

            I would also take Fox's advice on anything PC upgrading related as well as he seems to follow AMD and I do not really bother with AND since my Dual Core Athlon 64 X2 4600+ and bought my Core 2 Quad back in the day.

            I hope this helps. Sorry for the GTX instead of RTX typo.
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              here is some info on NVIDIA's latest:

              Looks like the RTX 3070 comes with 12GB Vram and with some more time under their belt maybe the new RTX 3000 series could be what the 2000 series should have been or promised.
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