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Time + a player resets on every server restart

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    Windows Time + a player resets on every server restart


    Me and a friend are playing a game of 7 Days to Die on a server hosted on his computer, on a randomly-generated map. For the past couple real days, any time the server is rebooted (like if we log off one night and start up again the next day), the server time will reset to Day 3 at ~14:00, and his character will spawn at where his spawn point was on that day, with the inventory he had then. But the map never resets, and always keeps any changes we make while the server is online. Also, my character was reset once but has never reset since then.

    It seems like some data somewhere is corrupted, so the server can't save that data, but honestly I'm not sure what's going on. How can we fix this?

    It sounds like wherever player data is being stored, that there is a problem. I have no idea if this will work or not, but maybe something to try.
    Stop the server
    backup the /player folder and the players.xml file just in case
    delete /player folder
    start the server again

    By default, the folder is in my documents\7 Days To Die\Saves\Random Gen\<world name>\Player
    my documents\7 Days To Die\Saves\Navezgane\<world name>\Player

    This will likely reset inventory, location, claim blocks, learned recipies, etc so keep that in mind.

    If that doesn't work, maybe make a whole new server, and just copy the world files over to it.