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Server / Upload Prerequisites For Quality Performance? (32+ Server Potentially)

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    Dedicated Server / Upload Prerequisites For Quality Performance? (32+ Server Potentially)

    A majority and probably all of the servers that go 30+ players all run like crap. The players all glitch 3 steps ahead of themselves and the zombies don't move half the time, or if they do, they just teleport. The ones that do run okay, have such minecraft-esc settings (cowardly carebear settings) that they leave you with a sense of pseudo-immortality. I want to make the community a server that fixes both of these problems, but I need some help in determining what my capacity can be. READ BELOW:

    30Mbps Upload: I have Comcast Business Class Internet at my disposal and can QOS it to prioritize the server above all.
    • If hardware was not an obstacle, what would my player limitation be if I had 80 zombies? (I mean this in terms of "when would the server begin to become CHOPPY?")

    I need to know what the upload limitations are so I build the right server to support it's limitations. Other server owners, help me out here. (The quality here would be far greater than what is publicly sold to wanna-be server owners).

    The biggest issue for choppiness is the CPU and RAM and not the network. Especially when players are in the big city, any leftover performance quickly gets eaten up.

    But, regarding your question, I estimate a player sends about 50-150Bps depending on what they're doing in game. With a 30Mbps connection, you could essentially have 200 players on a server at max Bps. This is a very rough estimate and doesn't factor in many other things.

    Figuring to the max is never a good thing, so if it was my server, I'd cap it at 100 players. However, 80 zombies to 100 players isn't much at all.
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      TheWhiteRook, thanks for your insight, as I stated previously hardware is not an obstacle. My brother and I will fund up some quality hardware to create the biggest ANTI-CAREBEAR, NON-ADMIN ABUSED, MURDER SIMULATOR possible, with as many zombies as possible. Be on the look out for "Psychopath Simulator" in the future :P