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    Windows easy anti cheat problem

    so i have a bit of a dilemma. since the 9.0 update my resolution has been messed up. i change the resolution to the right size for my monitor, yet i still have my screen shifted with a black line on the side, so my screen if on center and can't seem to fix it. Ive tried logging on to the game with the anti cheat option and it had the loading error and would never connect. so the only way for me to play was load the game without the anti cheat enable. i figured maybe if i go into the 7 days to die folder and install the anti cheat on its own through there, then it might get fixed. so then i double clicked the .exe which seemed to have no problems. yet when i try to load the game with the anti cheat it still gives me the loading error. My biggest problem with the anti cheat is that it is slowing down my whole system sense i installed it through the .exe in the folder. what my major problem is that every other game i try to play is extremely laggy and makes my system unable to play anything. my guess is that the easy anti cheat is running constantly in the background now causing lag to my computer. so i would like to know how i can uninstall the anti cheat program so that i may be able to play other games on my system, and everything i try to do is not lagging me into frustration. i see no option to uninstall in the control panel or even in the folder. ive tried uninstalling 7 days to die and my system is still lagged. so how can i uninstall this hidden anti cheat program. system restore does nothing as well. ever sense i install it my computer has been taking a ♥♥♥♥.

    To uninstall, double click EasyAntiCheat_Setup.exe in the game's EasyAntiCheat folder and choose "uninstall --> 7 Days to Die".

    I can guarantee you EAC is not slowing down your system. It only runs when the game runs, and only affects the address space of the game process. The protection is also passive, meaning that it doesn't take away CPU cycles to do scans and whatnot.

    What loading error are you seeing btw?